Converged Infrastructure is Dead? Say It Ain’t So! (Hint: It Ain’t So!)

As the Converged Infrastructure (CI) and Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) practice lead at AHEAD, I spend a significant portion of my time evaluating and designing solutions that include Dell CPSD (Converged Platforms and Solutions Division) components. In my last post, I introduced Dell’s primary pillars of CI/HCI, notably VxBlock (CI), VxRail (HCI), and VxRack (a bit […]

Two New Pluralsight Courses from AHEAD’s Automation Experts

We are excited to share that two of AHEAD’s resident automation experts have recently released courses for Pluralsight introducing VMware vRealize products–vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Automation 7. Pluralsight is an on-demand technology learning platform that provides unmatched expertise, relevant tools, and thousands of courses created by industry pros. In these courses, AHEAD’s Nick Colyer, Practice […]

Cloud Management Tools: Using vRealize Code Stream to Facilitate CI/CD

Part of the AHEAD Cloud Delivery Platform (cloud management and automation component) focuses on DevOps and modern software development methodologies. We understand that there is no point in building the world’s greatest cloud if no one uses it. As part of our journey, we’ve begun looking at tools that enable DevOps practices, namely Continuous Integration […]

How to Integrate ServiceNow with vRealize Orchestrator

Far and away the most common challenges in ITIL are simple adoption and compliance; it seems that the more hoops an organization adds to its change management process, the more unauthorized changes it sees executed. But what if ITIL compliance became the default, and every build generated CRQ’s, CMDB entries and relationships, and even incident […]