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AHEAD’s Comprehensive Approach to Ransomware Threats

AHEAD uses a three-tier approach to examine the full scope of your threat prevention and recovery processes. Dive into our ransomware solutions to see how we proactively manage threats ​​— and soften the blow of potential impacts.


In developing a strategy to build a well-rounded threat management plan and prioritize risks across your environment, we:

  • Analyze hardware and software
  • Microsegment your network
  • Document assets


By tapping into insights across your environment, we design a mitigation architecture and an in-depth strategy to:

  • Verify end-user devices
  • Limit access privileges
  • Leverage automation


To plan for data recovery and ensure end-to-end protection in the event of successful attacks, we use best practices to:

  • Conduct technical assessments
  • Review and analyze data
  • Create recommendations

The AHEAD Difference

See how our team worked with an independent energy company to advise, design, architect, and implement a solution for their vulnerable assets.


The leadership team at a midwest energy company was acutely aware of increasing ransomware threats. As an energy provider, our client knew that they were particularly susceptible to nearly 4,000 daily ransomware attacks in the U.S. The company held sensitive proprietary information and customer data, making them a prime target for cyber-thieves. To protect their critical operations and their customers, they needed a ransomware resiliency strategy and recovery plan, fast.

Our client required an end-to-end ransomware resiliency design implemented in less than two years. By deeply understanding our client’s needs, AHEAD assembled a comprehensive, self-sustaining ransomware solution across their environments. We custom-designed two air gap vaults and used existing infrastructure to isolate compliant data and leverage existing assets. This solution seamlessly integrated with our client’s existing infrastructure, reducing costs and mitigating business disruption.

By providing a best-in-class air gapped solution, AHEAD ensured our client’s assets are protected during ransomware events. Our client now has access to isolated and self-reliant recovery infrastructure, isolated cyber-vaults and 660TB of Data Domain capacity across two separate vaults. And with multiple recovery capabilities and security regardless of existing infrastructure state, they can continue providing energy services with the peace of mind that operations and assets are protected.

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