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Solving for 2021’s Biggest Cloud Challenges

Close to 75% of U.S. companies now rely on public cloud platforms, and according to AHEAD’s research, nearly a quarter of them (21%) plan to move all infrastructure and apps to the cloud.

Achieving peak cloud success means planning for inevitable challenges. We’re exploring the toughest hurdles enterprises will see in the coming year to give your team a leg up on overcoming them.

Get Modern Applications Right with a Framework Foundation

The demand for effective applications is on the rise. Customers want digital engagement opportunities and organizations want efficiency and performance. But, when it comes to application software, enterprises have a speed problem. Businesses expect no app downtime and no outages, along with frequent delivery of new features. To meet this challenge, enterprises need a framework for tackling greenfield cloud-native app development, legacy app modernization for cloud, and cloud management.

Establishment of a strategic modern applications framework helps organizations build a foundation that guides their journey to modern applications success.  

Effectively Secure the Public Cloud

Security teams are faced with a threat like never before: Adoption of new enterprise platforms at a breakneck pace. Most information security teams struggle to keep up with security events from on-premises environments and have now been thrust into the realm of public cloud.

But security doesn’t have to hold back cloud success. Adopt industry standards, take advantage of native cloud services that enhance your security stacks, and automate security with cloud-delivered APIs. With these tactics, security can be a selling point vs. a detractor to continued cloud adoption.

Manage Costs Efficiently

Cloud supports increasingly numerous business capabilities. But too often, cloud, and IT as a whole, can be seen as a cost center versus a business-aligned value center.

Running IT with a business strategy lens requires CIOs to prove the value of services, account for costs, and drive efficiency. Approaches that include cost optimization, chargebacks, and cloud spend commitments can transform cloud services into value-driving solutions integral to the organization’s success.

Plan Your Way into Cloud Success

A strategic plan for dealing with these challenges and others puts your organization on the path to cloud success.

As you finalize your cloud strategy for next year, join our virtual Cloud Planning Summit and begin to assemble your playbook for scaling cloud adoption in a way that drives significant ROI for your business.

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