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5 Key Findings From the State of Enterprise Digital Transformation 2020 Report

Digital transformation is here to stay. According to AHEAD’s State of Enterprise Digital Transformation 2020 Study, 93% of enterprise businesses are currently undergoing some form of transformation. Our most recent study analyzed responses from 293 key IT decision-makers at U.S.-based companies to understand their approach to digital transformation, what works, and what doesn’t.  

Here are our top 5 findings: 

1. 43% of transformations are led by a CIO or CTO 

The C-Suite dominates digital transformation leadership, with CIOs and CTOs leading most projects. CEOs are also a top contender, leading 23% of transformations. 

2. Operational efficiency and cost-cutting are the top reasons to undergo digital transformation. 77% of respondents cite this as a driver.  

Digital transformations can be large and sometimes very involved projects, but their ultimate goal is to cut costs. The second leading reason for digital transformation is better customer experiences, meaning businesses want to reduce spend while improving service to consumers—a tricky balance. 

3. 58% of transformations are on target or ahead of schedule. 

On the other hand, 42% are behind schedule or stalled. Despite its prominence, transformation is still not an easy feat to accomplish. 

4. Legacy systems are the top obstacle to digital transformation. 

36% of respondents say legacy system complexity and technical debt are combined the biggest obstacles of transformation. Lack of funding commitment is runner up with 13% 

5. Infrastructure matters. Of companies who are on schedule, 94% say their infrastructure and operations can keep up with the demands of apps and software development functions. 

Companies who are already taking a DevOps approach are more likely to see success in their transformation efforts. 

The survey also uncovered six trends that point towards a successful digital transformation. To see the full report, complete with a quick-reference guide to the six indicators of digital transformation success, download the full report here

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