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Accelerate the Adoption of Your Cloud-Based Service Management Platform with the AHEADStart for ServiceNow Express

One of the key layers that makes up AHEAD’s Cloud Delivery Platform is Enterprise Service Management (ESM). In order for AHEAD’s ESM practice to be successful, we leverage the power of ServiceNow to serve as the foundational platform of our practice and as a true cornerstone of cloud transformation.

servicenow_express_2.pngAlthough in the past AHEAD has focused exclusively on the ServiceNow Enterprise edition, we have recently integrated ServiceNow Express into our offerings. ServiceNow Express is designed for organizations with relatively small IT departments or low ESM maturity and/or budgets. In short, ServiceNow Express serves as an entry-level version of ServiceNow Enterprise that comes as an out-of-the-box solution (with hardly any configuration required) for growing IT organizations.

To meet the needs of clients that fit this profile, AHEAD has released the AHEADStart for Service Management: ServiceNow Express Edition, a new service offering to get organizations ramped up quickly and affordably on the ServiceNow platform.

This new offering provides a best practice based implementation of the ServiceNow Express platform and allows AHEAD’s enterprise clients to adopt ServiceNow for its core ITSM capabilities in support of cloud automation, while laying the groundwork for the Enterprise edition of the platform. Like the other offerings within our Enterprise Service Management solution, this AHEADStart is designed to optimize, standardize, and automate IT processes while enabling self-service within an organization, all within the accelerated timeframe of just four weeks.

To deliver the AHEADStart for ServiceNow Express to the enterprise, AHEAD leverages the Cloud Delivery Platform (CDP): our comprehensive platform that simplifies and accelerates the delivery of applications and services to the business. The CDP aligns best-in-class technologies, emerging best practices in DevOps and cloud engineering, and deep domain expertise to equip organizations with simplified IT, standardized deployment of services, and increased transparency within siloed teams.


Enterprise Service Management sits atop all other layers of the Cloud Delivery Platform and serves as the framework for designing, releasing, supporting, and improving the services and solutions we deploy to our clients. You can read more about this in a recent blog post, An Introduction to the Cloud Delivery Platform Part 2: Enterprise Service Management.

This new service offering falls within the Enterprise Service Management layer of the CDP, within IT Service Automation. The AHEADStart for ServiceNow Express, like other offerings that fall within this category, enables operational efficiencies and enhances customer experience by integrating service management processes and automating IT service delivery.

As AHEAD delivers what is often considered “new cloud competencies”, there is often a need for agile and SaaS-based ITSM solutions outside of organizations’ legacy ITSM platform. And while AHEAD prides itself on its “white glove” high-touch approach to SeviceNow implementation, the AHEADStart for ServiceNow Express enables AHEAD to provide a rapid ITSM solution in support of agile cloud automation. To reiterate, this AHEADStart provides a best practice approach that lays the foundation for an eventual upgrade to the enterprise capabilities such as the Cloud Management Platform, Project Portfolio Management, and non-IT case management (e.g. HR Case, Finance, etc.).

To learn more about the AHEADStart for ServiceNow Express or AHEAD’s Enterprise Service Management solution, set up a time to meet with us in the AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center! With this offering, our experts will work with you to rapidly deploy and con±gure a cloud-based service management solution.

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