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AHEAD Architect Builds Open Source vRealize Orchestrator Plugin for Veeam

Today we are pleased to announce that one of AHEAD’s Solution Architects has built and published a new VMware vRealize Orchestrator plugin for the popular backup solution Veeam. Eric Shanks has released the code on as a free to use plugin for the community. Eric Shanks and Nick Colyer previously released an open source VMware vRealize Orchestrator plugin for Rubrik in August. 

veeamvro1.pngVeeam, a backup solution founded in 2006 is specifically designed for virtualized environments and is a common backup product used by more than 168,000 customers worldwide.

Shanks explained, “In order to really take advantage of a cloud management solution like vRealize Automation you need to have hooks into other pieces of the environment. Spinning up virtual machines is easy, but the goal should be to spin up an application and automate everything that comes with that application, including IP Addresses, change management, monitoring, and even backups.”

  List of Veeam package workflows

The AHEAD hybrid cloud practice focuses on deploying the right practices around a solution and doesn’t believe in a one sized fits all solution. Microcode segments such as the Veeam Plugin for vRO are reusable tools leveraged by AHEAD’s Code Development Team to integrate your cloud management portal, configuration management tools and the rest of the infrastructure.veeamvro4.png

Add VM to backup workflow

Shanks goes on to say “A hybrid cloud is not a piece of software that can be deployed, it’s a set of products all talking together for a common purpose. Orchestration is the key to getting all of the data center infrastructure working together and appear seamless.” 

The plugins can be downloaded from and are free to the public. Additional information about using the plugin can be found on Eric’s blog, You can also explore Veeam for yourself by participating in a briefing or demonstration at the AHEAD Lab and Briefing Center

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