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AHEAD Automation Team Develops v2 of vRO Workflows for Tintri

A year or so ago, AHEAD’s automation architects worked in tandem with Adam Cavaliere, Principal Sales Engineer at Tintri, to deliver basic automation functionality for Tintri using vRealize Orchestrator. More recently, Adam and I worked together to update these workflows to provide updated actions and configuration elements ready to use in any environment. Using these workflows not only helps you automate day-to-day storage activities, but also enables more complex use cases to be realized, such as data syncronization between developer environments.


Use Cases for Tintri’s vRO Workflows

Tintri provides many unique storage features that focus on real world, meaningful use cases. This is primarily what attracted the AHEAD Cloud Management and Automation team to Tintri in the first place. Historically, there had to be a multitude of complex storage decisions just to get a VM in place. Tintri, on the other hand, removes all the complexities of storage placement and allows us to focus on solving real world problems.

Tintri Workflows in Action

To give you a closer look at what we’ve created, here are some examples of specific use cases for these workflows:

  • Tintri Snapshot Automation

With this feature, you can create a snapshot directly from the Tintri VMStore on your VM. This has the added benefit of being instantaneous and there is no performance hit to the virtual machine using it. Tintri Snapshot Automation gives app teams the ability to snapshot on-demand via VMware vRealize Automation.

  • Tintri Replication Automation

You can set up replication on demand (when VMs are built or after the fact) to easily configure virtual machines to meet disaster requirements of applications.

  • Sync VM Automation

In my experience, Sync VM Automation is one of the most beloved features when we talk to application teams about syncing data between environments. Sync VM allows one to instantly sync underlying virtual disks between machines. In effect, developers and QA teams can copy the latest data for testing in seconds to their new environments as they get set up in the cloud.


As you can see from the Sync VM workflow above, there multiple ways to piece together the components. In the workflow package, all of the actions are included, per the image below, and we will continue to be expand upon these in the future. These allow you to create and develop your own unique workflows and modify any code you wish.


To see other examples and use cases for Tintri workflows, join us tomorrow for a joint webinar from AHEAD and Tintri: Building a Hybrid Cloud with Tintri.

Getting Started with Tintri Automation Workflows in Your Enterprise

Get started with the vRO Workflows package that Adam and I created when you visit this link. This download includes all of the building blocks, actions, and code necessary to create your own unique workflows.

If you aren’t quite ready to download the package yet, register below to attend tomorrow’s webinar featuring Tintri automation workflows. When you’re ready, AHEAD has a team of skilled automation engineers that can assist with scoping customization of these workflows specific to your environment.

For supplementary reading before or after the webinar, check out my personal blog where I further detail these workflows and provide “How To” guides related to cloud computing, automation and orchestration, and much more!


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