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AHEAD Healthcare Incubator: Centralized Communications and Improved Patient Care with eHuddleboards

Hospitals and nursing staff rely on huddle boards as a central point of collaboration for facilities, floors, and nurse stations.

Traditional analog huddle boards typically consist of whiteboards with notes on patient care, schedules, and memos. But this system lends itself to outdated, hard-to-access information that can slow down patient care. It can also be difficult to keep track of historical huddle board data, as today’s board is typically “erased” to make way for tomorrow’s.

As part of the AHEAD Incubator dedicated to rethinking traditional tools as high-performance digital solutions, our team has revamped the huddle board as a digital communications powerhouse. The eHuddleboard allows for accessing the same information from multiple physical points, storing historical information for audits and future reference, sending alerts and important updates, and integration into other digital applications.

Take a tour of our eHuddleboard with AHEAD’s chief cloud applications and platforms architect, Mike Koleno:

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