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AHEAD’s 2019 Tech Predictions

2019 could very well shape up to be a turning point for enterprises in accelerating cloud migration, rethinking their cybersecurity operations, and diving deeper into real-time business analytics. While 2018 was a ground-breaking year for technology, we predict 2019 will see an emergence of even more new technologies that will change the face of enterprise IT as we know it.

I sat down with AHEAD gurus across cloud, cybersecurity, and enterprise monitoring and analytics (EMA), to get their predictions on what will likely be another transformative year for the enterprise:


Eric Shanks,
Cloud Solutions Principal

“From my experience working with enterprises, I foresee 2019 will be the year in which companies focus on the operation of cloud workloads. In the past few years, companies have dabbled with cloud workloads and tested multiple deployment methodologies. IT organizations will be introducing new procedures to ensure cloud workloads are monitored, as well as controlled alongside on-premises workloads.”

Cooper Lutz,
Cloud Services Engineer

“In 2019, I predict we’ll see a bigger shift toward Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions with technology like containers and automation. We’ll also see a continued emphasis on cutting costs to drive cloud adoption from the C-suite down. Native optimization features in AWS and Azure will be utilized even more, along with third-party cloud optimization platforms (like AHEAD’s CoPilot offering), to make cloud even more accessible to those who previously thought it was too costly or out of reach.”

Ben Prescott, Cloud Delivery Manager

“In 2019, I believe we’ll start to see the whole Big Data, AI and analytics space become more relevant—and less of a futuristic concept. A lot of AHEAD’s clients are asking, ‘How do we make sense of our data?’ Now, we can actually start to correlate this data and bring in different sources to have more accurate forecasting. Healthcare is a great use case for this, particularly around predictive analytics. A few years ago, this seemed out of reach, but I think you’ll see growth—albeit on a smaller scale—and companies recognizing the value of this.”


Michael Condes, Security Practice Director

“I’ve got two predictions for 2019. One is our attackers are going to continue to become more sophisticated by using more powerful strategies and tactics. They’ll leverage technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to conduct these robotic attacks. In response to that, we’re going to see the escalation of ‘Star Wars’ on the defense side, as more of our strategies will encapsulate and use those tools against them.

You’ll also see more and more automation and analytics to both attack and defend. So, there’s going to be less of a human factor in terms of the battle. In World War I, we had hand-to-hand combat and now we’ve evolved to droids in this ‘Star Wars’-type battlefront.”

Steven Aiello, Security Solutions Principal

“Gartner recently developed a new term called, ‘Security Orchestration and Automated Response,’ or ‘SOAR.’ What I believe we will see in 2019 is everyone getting excited about SOAR—especially given there’s a deficit of roughly three million jobs in the security space. We’ve got millions of jobs in security that can’t be filled, so people are going to try to use automation and programming to fill those gaps. SOAR will become a popular buzzword, but what you’ll likely see is that even software development companies can’t find enough programmers to account for the increase.

While I wholeheartedly agree that automating security is 100 percent the way to go, there are problems that will come with that. I think this will continue to frustrate the cybersecurity community and it could become a trend that ends in failure. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the headcount in both in the cybersecurity and software development space to accommodate a potential surge, so people will likely turn to consulting companies’ expertise to automate their security for them.”

Joe Rajca,
Security Specialist Engineer

“I think we’ll see a continuing trend of enterprises who have a ton of different tools and products—but they still don’t have enough people to manage them. There’s going to be a fundamental problem of attracting and retaining talent for a lot of companies. So, they’ll have a lot of empty product boxes, but not enough people to execute on the technology.

“Another 2019 trend I see on the horizon is the mainstream use of containerization. Containerization is going to be huge, but I foresee an issue of containers being rolled out without security getting baked in from the beginning in terms of architecture and design. It’s not so much security of the container—but the systems that are going to run the containers. People are going to put the infrastructure in place to do it, but they’ll build it without security being top-of-mind, leaving them open to vulnerabilities.”

Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics

Joe Wrzosek,
EMA Practice Lead

“I foresee an even larger adoption of APM across the board in companies and there are a few factors driving that. One is the acquisition of AppDynamics that happened almost two years ago. The Cisco sales force is really starting to ‘get’ AppD and what it means for businesses, so they’re starting to actively market the platform to their customers.

Another 2019 prediction is organizations diving deeper into that business analytics space, especially since they now have the ability to receive alerts on deviations on a baseline from a business metric perspective. AppDynamics has done that on the performance side for a long time, but having the capability to create incidents and send alerts based on deviation from the norm is extremely significant. I think it’s incredibly valuable and powerful to the business side, so we’ll continue to see this expansion of analytics and building value outside of the IT department.”

What’s Next?

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