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Announcing Consolidated Billing for Amazon Web Services

Many organizations adopt Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of their cloud strategy but don’t have a comprehensive plan for monitoring, governing, or forecasting the consumption of AWS resources. As organizations navigate their utilization and billing, it is often difficult to tie this back to their strategic initiatives and budgets. Sure you can see resources and how much they cost, but what does “ami-25b01138 in sa-east-1” really mean to the business?

AHEAD’s newest service offering, Consolidated Billing for AWS, was created to help fix that pain point. We want to ensure that you get the most out of your investment and know that having transparency is critical to understanding your consumption.

“Our initial use case for AWS was delivering virtual desktops to developers globally using WorkSpaces. We partnered with AHEAD because of our long history working with them and their deep subject matter expertise in both public cloud and end-user computing technologies,” says Clark Ardern, Global Technology Officer at Jones Lang LaSalle. “When we realized that our chargeback requirements go beyond what is available from AWS and standard billing tools today, the AHEAD team worked with us to create a custom way to capture the additional data so that we can deliver the right level of visibility to the business,” continues Ardern. 

AHEAD’s new service will not only provide best practice guidance and ongoing analytics of your AWS consumption, but will also give you targeted recommendations to increase savings based on your usage and your cloud adoption strategy. This service is provided at no additional charge; you only pay for your AWS usage at the same rates you would pay AWS directly.

With Consolidated Billing for AWS, you’ll be enabled to:

  • Learn how to optimize your costs through best practice chargeback guidance
  • Anticipate and manage spend with ongoing analytics of your consumption
  • Gain knowledge from AHEAD’s team of cloud experts and engineers

Included in this Service

AHEAD provides more than just a monthly invoice. Here’s what you’ll receive: 


Chargeback best practices 
Our experts will meet with your team to talk about your company’s specific chargeback guidelines and advise you on broader tagging strategies to enable better governance and administration of your cloud footprint.
Monthly consolidated invoicing and chargeback reporting
You’ll get a single, consolidated invoice monthly for all of your linked accounts as well as a report summarized by your pre-established chargeback requirements.
AWS_Admins.pngA subscription to Stay AHEAD: Digest for AWS Administrators
We consolidate everything we believe is important for an AWS administrator to know into a single digest delivered right to your inbox.
If you’re interested in learning more about Consolidated Billing for AWS or any additional services AHEAD offers related to AWS, feel free to email me directly at



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