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Announcing the ServiceNow Assessment Service to Help You Optimize Your ServiceNow Platform

As the de facto industry standard for Enterprise Service Management (ESM), over 3,000 organizations currently use ServiceNow as the system of engagement in their enterprise. Since every organization is at a different stage of adoption of the ServiceNow platform, many are at a crossroads to determine where and how to best invest in the platform moving forward. To help you make an informed decision about the future of your environment, AHEAD has developed the ServiceNow Assessment to provide you with a clear understanding of the current state of your platform and a route for optimization.

snow-assessment-picAbout the Assessment

AHEAD’s ServiceNow Assessment takes a deep look at the current state of your ServiceNow adoption, providing you with the technical due diligence and tactical process assessment to understand necessary optimization and innovation opportunities. This service will illustrate where improvements can help yield greater scalability and efficiencies from an existing implementation and where platform adoption can yield greater value to an enterprise.

“There is a wide spectrum of ServiceNow customers. To the new ServiceNow adopters, the options for platform adoption can be daunting, and chopping up the proverbial elephant can give them a playbook to move forward,” says Tim Currie, AHEAD’s Practice Director of Cloud and ESM Solutions. “There are also early adopters of the platform who might’ve had too many cooks in the kitchen over the years, and who might need a ‘reboot’. In this case, getting their ITSM house in order might be a priority before pursuing more ambitious platform adoption. In either case, this assessment can help set a course for success.”

What You’ll Get

Once technical discovery is complete, our experts will work with your team to vet and deliver the following:

  • Actionable recommendations for adopting technical best practices within your ServiceNow environment
  • Actionable recommendations for removing technical obstacles to process adoption or efficiency
  • A prioritized roadmap that scales with business needs over time
  • Prioritization of business decisions to further invest and optimize in the platform

For more information on AHEAD’s Enterprise Service Management solutions, including our full range of offerings, check out our page dedicated to this practice. If you’re looking to assess the health of your ServiceNow platform, contact us today to begin with your own ServiceNow Assessment!

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