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Building a Better Infrastructure



Amway, which was founded over fifty years ago, touts more than 21,000 global employees and is one of the world’s largest direct-selling businesses. They focus on providing opportunities to business-minded people in more than 100 companies.


Because of the large scale of their organization, Amway needed a flexible, scalable, and agile Infrastructure.


Amway needed to provide Resiliency, Availability, and Supportability (RAS), data protection and availability, simplification, reporting and monitoring, data validation, and a DR testing sandbox.

The Solution

AHEAD then completed the following initiatives:

  • Standardized on a platform and technology that is enterprise-class, best of breed, and industry proven
  • Leveraged value-added engineering through pre-certified backup software and hardware
  • Introduced an enterprise cloud ready data protection solution by leveraging cloud-enabled data management platform, remediating tape, and moving to a cloud for long-term retention

Leveraged to:

  • Reduce Backup Windows
  • Integrate With VMware | AWS | Azure
  • Simplify Management And Reporting
  • Reduce Recovery Times | Remediate Tape
  • Integrate with ServiceNow Orchestration

Other initiatives include:

  • Centralized management with metrics and data analytics
  • Optimized replication with dedupe/ compression/ encryption
  • Provided data integrity checks on all written data
  • DR Testing – automation & orchestration with ServiceNow

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