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Connect AHEAD: Cloud Operational Efficiency with Automation Hub

In many enterprises, project sprawl, hand-off issues, and a lack of visibility can create delays lasting 20, 30, or even 40 days to get an environment ready for coding to begin. And when teams try to eliminate these roadblocks, they often have to do so within silos.

AHEAD’s Automation Hub empowers teams with a modern, simplified automation architecture that allows them to manage services, release software efficiently, and ultimately serve internal audiences more effectively through improved project visibility. It does this across placement areas including IoT, the edge, on-premise, public cloud, SaaS, and beyond.

In this session of Connect AHEAD, Nick Colyer, Chief Architect of Cloud Management & Automation, covers the following topics around the Automation Hub:

  • Today’s enterprise cloud challenges 
  • Modern automation architecture 
  • Demonstration of Automation Hub for on-premises and public cloud 
  • How successful teams operate and assemble services 

To learn more about AHEAD’s automation hub, watch our demo.

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