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Dell EMC World 2017: Major Product Announcements

Dell EMC World 2017 was in Las Vegas last week, with over 13,000 attendees participating in one of the premier technology conferences of the year. Several of my colleagues and I attended the event to meet with our partners, our clients, our prospects, and to learn what’s next for Dell EMC.

REALIZE Transformation

This year’s theme was REALIZE, which literally means, “to bring something into concrete existence.” Needless to say, that is exactly the idea that resonated throughout all four days of the conference. Dell EMC encouraged its customers to REALIZE their company’s digital future by converting the Sands Expo hall into a digital transformation hotspot, with over 30 code and modern ops sessions, 40+ IT leadership sessions, and more than 400 technical sessions to help their customers and partners make IT transformation a reality.

This was Dell EMC’s first large-scale  “Post-EMC”/ EMC World event following their event in Austin last November. This conference brought together the traditional Dell server and networking business and combined it with EMC’s industry-leading storage, data protection, virtualization, and cloud business.

That being said, the announcements around all of the Dell EMC pillars came fast and furious.  

As promised, here is a brief recap of the major product announcements:

Dell EMC World 2017 Announcements

Dell Servers – 14th Generation PowerEdge Servers

  • Server infrastructure targeted at rack-scale, web-scale, CI, HCI and bare metal

Cloud Flex For VxRail and Nutanix XC

  • Pay as you go model for organizations to consume monthly vs. upfront cost

Dell EMC XC XC430 Xpress

  • (Nutanix HCI) lower entry point, 3U

Isilon “Infinity”

  • New next generation architecture  
  • Massive reduction in rack space and the ability for compute and storage to scale independently

XtremIO X2

  • Larger drives (increased density), Integrated copy data management
  • Redesigned HTML5 interface
  • New second generation XtremIO offers up to a 20% increase in deduplication compared to previous versions  
  • Scale-up and scale-out capacities allowing expansion in smaller increments

ECS 4.0

  • Increased Storage Density, Enhanced enterprise capabilities, and federal workload enhancements

Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack

  • Turnkey solution for building a hybrid cloud using the same look and feel as Microsoft Azure

VxRail 4.5

  • Enhancements to simplify deployment
  • Increased hardware flexibility (Single socket, three node, 25K entry point)
  • vSphere 6.5, and vSAN 6.6 support
  • Cloud Flex consumption (Pay as you go model)

VxRack Flex

  • ScaleIO version updated


  • VMware Cloud Foundation version updated


  • 65% performance increase due to new intel CPU’s, memory and upgraded software

Next Generation of Unity Arrays

  • New intel CPU’s, additional memory
  • 80 drive dense DAE
  • Increase filesystem from 64TB to 256TB

Compellent SC5020

  • Doubles the capacity of its predecessor
  • Brings together EMC enterprise software into the Compellent line

DPA (Integrated Data Protection Appliance)

  • New turnkey solution that combines Data Domain with a new version of the DPS software


  • Updated ScaleIO to include enhanced snapshots, thin provisioning, vvols, and inline compression

What’s Next for Tech?

Aside from the new product announcements, AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), and AI (artificial intelligence) were also a focus of this year’s conference.  The general sessions spoke at a very high level and outlined use cases of these emerging technologies. They reinforced the fact that the Dell EMC portfolio is your “one stop shop” for all things needed to accelerate your organization’s consumption of these industry-changing technologies. 


The expo hall, general sessions, hands-on labs, and technical sessions all drove home–and helped attendees to REALIZE what is–and can be–possible.  Using the Dell EMC portfolio and ecosystem; Dell EMC will help drive and reinforce the “digital transformation” that organizations are beginning to take on.  Regardless of where you want your infrastructure to live, Dell EMC is making it easier and easier to manage, protect, and simplify your data center.

As one of Ahead’s most critical strategic partners, much of what Dell EMC brings to market is intrinsic to AHEAD’s Cloud Delivery Framework. Understanding the product announcements and the new technology direction helps us develop larger ecosystem solutions for our clients to meet their business needs with Dell EMC.

Dell EMC’s portfolio aligns holistically with AHEAD’s Cloud Delivery Framework: from Security; End-User computing; and the all-encompassing private, and hybrid Cloud (Virtualization, Networking, Compute, Storage, and Converged/Hyper-Converged) infrastructure,  AHEAD and Dell EMC can help your organization to REALIZE and execute your organization’s digital transformation at any stage, from initial exploration to Enterprise-level strategic consulting. 

Want To Learn More?

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