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Delivering Better Customer Service with AWS WorkSpaces

One of the largest department store chains in the US partners with contracted call centers to handle customer service calls. It’s important to the Department Store Company that callers have rewarding, fast, and efficient customer service experiences.


The Department Store Company’s global call center representatives were accessing information through virtual desktops hosted in a Milwaukee, WI data center. Latency was a major issue as call centers in Australia, India, Europe, and South America made data center requests—sometimes simultaneously. This lag extended call times and resulted in a diminished customer experience for callers.


As the result of a previous engagement, AWS introduced the Department Store Company to AHEAD who worked to educate the Department Store Company on the benefits of AWS WorkSpaces. 

AHEAD helped to educate call center operators on the benefits of WorkSpaces and the technological requirements necessary to transition. AHEAD also helped the Department Store Company identify parameters for measuring the end-user experience with virtual desktops.

The AHEAD team designed and deployed an initial group of 500 regional AWS WorkSpaces across the Department Store Company’s call center locations. AHEAD utilized automated batch delivery which provided 50X faster delivery versus the system the Department Store Company had previously engaged.


After implementing AWS WorkSpaces across regions, the Department Store Company saw a measurable decline in latency. the Department Store Company and its call center partner are now able to provide faster, more satisfying customer service experiences to callers. They can also scale the number of WorkSpaces users up to 6,000 during peak season without the need to purchase additional infrastructure.

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