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Who Can Benefit from VMC on AWS? And How?

If your organization has already been utilizing VMware tools, you may be hesitant to expand your data to the cloud. Many businesses are apprehensive about pulling the trigger on a full cloud migration, as they can oftentimes be costly, complicated, and time-consuming. But these same businesses know that there are many hard-to-ignore benefits of moving applications to the cloud.

Extend your VMware Environment to the Cloud with VMC on AWS

VMware on AWS (VMC) can help your enterprise bridge the gap between datacenter and cloud. Our experts developed this guide to walk you through some of the best business cases for this solution. You’ll get a better understanding of who can reap the benefits of VMC on AWS and how it can result in an enterprise cloud that saves money, simplifies operations, and allows your IT teams to continue focusing on its VMware environment.

Download the White Paper:

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