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Growing a Customer Base with AWS Cloud Solutions

More than ever, companies must be smart, fast, cost effective and flexible to win the next big deal. A large supply chain and logistics provider sees cloud-based technology as a significant enabler to accomplish this.     

A Roadmap to a Successful Transition

Faced with the challenge of fully leveraging the cloud and implementing a “Cloud First” approach to solutions development, the Company partnered with Vertical Trail to develop a strategy and roadmap for an efficient, successful transition.

In collaboration with the Company’s key stakeholders and IT personnel, Vertical Trail executed a two-phase project that significantly reduced long-term costs (up to 40 percent) and was deployed within three months.  

Phase 1 of the project defined the current internal infrastructure and built consensus around the new target environment.

For example:

  • What were the Company’s business drivers and goals?
  • What were their limitations and challenges?  
  • How important were key cloud attributes, such as the cost of implementation and maintainability?  

The answers to those questions, along with technological considerations, formed the basis for determining the right migration path for key applications. Vertical Trail also conducted an analysis of cloud vendors and selected the one – in this case, Amazon Web Services (AWS) – that best suited the Company’s needs. 

In Phase 2, Vertical Trail executed the migration and launched the cloud applications. “The Company can now rapidly build and implement new solutions,” says Koury, “and simply take them down and try again if they don’t work. It’s a low-cost way to innovate.”

As a cloud-focused business, the Company can now leverage data to attract new customers in a more nimble, efficient and cost-effective manner.

In combination with automation, DevOps and cost-effective software, cloud technology offers scalable storage, compute, nimble development and analytics capabilities that are unmatched by on-premises environments.  

Vertical Trail Cloud Solutions

With their new, cloud-based environment, the Company is able to achieve its initial goal of providing attractive solutions to new customers, and to reap other benefits, such as:

  • Cost-effective innovation so users can leverage the newest open-source technologies and reduce the expensive licensing burdens of traditional software.
  • Pay-as-you-go provisioning, which allows users to purchase only the capabilities they need and resize as needed.
  • Automated deployment of environments for rapid scale and lower cost of implementation.
  • Increased IT efficiency which allows teams to spend less time setting up environments and more time innovating.
  • Reduced cost of upgrades and support, as these can be minimized via redistribution to the cloud vendor.

Though leveraging external resources to aid in their transition to cloud may have first seemed daunting, the increased agility and expertise found in partnering with Vertical Trail resulted in a substantial win for the Company, both in the near and long term.

Scale Infinitely, On Demand

“With the cloud, companies can quickly leverage the latest technology, analyze huge quantities of data and scale infinitely, on demand,” says Robert Koury, Managing Partner of Vertical Trail Solutions, “It’s a game-changer for many companies that make the leap in a thoughtful manner.”

Making the Leap – Scale. Execute. Succeed.

While successful among its existing enterprise clients, the Company knows it will need to attract new customers to continue its strong growth. Sustaining their current momentum will require a more cost-effective, flexible and scalable method of operating.

The Company hired Vertical Trail to plan their transformation. By aligning business and technology objectives and determining areas of greatest benefit, Vertical Trail worked with the Company to meet their goals of providing scalable and cost-effective solutions to new customers.

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