Demo: Introducing AHEAD Automation Hub

AHEAD’s new Automation Hub helps IT teams deliver services within their organization faster and more efficiently. From helping developers to quickly develop, test, and release software, to providing diverse business units with essential IT services that enable operations, Automation Hub empowers teams.   In many enterprises today, it can take 20-40 days or longer to get an environment ready for coding to begin. Delays are caused by a variety of issues including, but not limited to project sprawl, hand-off issues, and a lack of visibility into project progress.   There are also many teams who take an automation approach to eliminate the roadblocks mentioned above, but they do so in silos.   AHEAD’s Automation Hub offers a modern, simplified automation architecture that allows teams to manage services, release software efficiently, and ultimately, serve internal audiences more effectively through improved project visibility. It does this across placement areas including IoT, the edge, on-premise, public cloud, and SaaS, and beyond.

By focusing on platforms as a foundation, the automation hub connects those locations to new technologies, APIs and best practice tactics, always with a focus towards applications and data.

Learn more about Automation Hub and how automation drives efficiency with the following demo from chief cloud architect, Nick Colyer.


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