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Leveraging Technology to Change the Way Companies Grow

A long-standing Global Analytics company was experiencing continued success. With more than 12,000 employees in 7 countries, the Company leveraged expertise in promotions, business integration, marketing and sustainability.

To maintain their competitive edge, the Company needed to diversify their client portfolio. “They were relying on a few large clients that represented a significant portion of their revenue,” says Larry Pollastrini, Managing Partner of Vertical Trail.

Because of this, the Company created a team tasked with defining new offerings and acquiring new customers. However, they also needed a partner who could align their plans for growth with a low-cost and flexible data platform, new analytics tools and cloud technology alternatives.

Scaling Up

“This is a very successful company,” says Pollastrini. “It’s important for them to utilize data more powerfully, to help their customers plan for risk and opportunity.”

While the Global Analytics company’s existing technology platform supported the needs of their current customers, it made new customer acquisition expensive and time intensive.

With this in mind, the Executive Vice President of Business Analytics saw the value of Vertical Trail’s Define | Align | Ascend Framework. “They hired us to architect a cost-effective, nimble and scalable solution to make their expertise accessible to new customers,” says Robert Koury, Managing Partner of Vertical Trail. “We provided an effective solution that was quickly designed and operational inside of three months.”

The new platform allowed the Company to ingest and analyze a broader range of data, while also providing a flexible, high-performance solution that accommodated their needs.

For example, the Company had to work within the scope of their current and future project portfolio, anticipated use cases a new customer could consume, their existing technology platforms and capabilities, support requirements and service levels.

In response, Vertical Trail developed an architecture that aligned with those needs, including:

  • A Technology Strategy aligning business requirements with technical needs.
  • A Detailed Design of the target environment.
  • An Innovation Roadmap detailing the steps needed to reach the target environment.
  • The Principles of Operation to support the environment.

They also facilitated collaboration between the business unit and the IT group to ensure the transition of new technologies was seamless.

Solutions for Long Term

Today, the Company’s Innovation Lab facilitates rapid analytics development, and a broader ability to leverage big data in a more substantial way. The Innovation Lab features:

  • Big Data Accessibility – the Company can access previously untapped data sources and generate value from that data.
  • Predictive Analytics – the platform can be used to derive valuable insights from sources such as social media, video, email conversations or clickstream data.
  • Robust Processing – the unique storage method makes it possible to store and distribute very large data sets across hundreds of inexpensive services in parallel.
  • Scalable Services – provides access to a flexible environment that allows them to expand and contract services quickly, with minimal expense.
  • Global Reach – the staff also has the ability to access the environment anywhere on the globe, through an industry-leading cloud provider.

“If they had continued to operate in their existing platform, it would have curtailed their ability to innovate and model solutions quickly, while also slowing their revenue growth,” says Koury.

Instead, the Company has a new environment that increases versatility, speeds up the innovation process and decreases the costs of deploying new solutions to their clients.

Room to Grow

“It was estimated that a solution built in their data center with traditional tools would have cost approximately $2 million,” says Koury. “With our solution, the costs dropped to less $400,000. And because of the success of the project, they went on to engage us in creating a fully functional Innovation Lab.”

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