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Modern Identity Solution

Modern Identity Solution Provides Business Agility for Station Casinos

Station Casinos, a premier gaming and hospitality company based in Las Vegas, relies on more than 12,000 employees to deliver a stellar customer experience across its 21 entertainment properties.

The company recently worked with AHEAD to modernize its identity management systems to improve security, automate employee on-boarding and create a powerful new HR platform that runs faster and more efficiently.

Station Casinos and AHEAD leveraged modern technology from Okta, a leading manufacturer of identity and security technology, and Aquera, the Identity Integration Platform as a Service, to design and deliver a tailored solution that is already delivering powerful outcomes for the business.

Challenge: Managing Identity in a Highly-Regulated Industry While Scaling Quickly

Station Casinos’ IT organization is tasked with managing employee and customer identities across numerous application platforms for corporate, gaming and hospitality needs.

Due to the highly-regulated nature of the gaming industry, the company’s identity management is constantly audited.

As the company faces pressure to quickly scale its workforce up and down to meet demand and economic conditions, the business has implemented demanding timelines and SLA requirements for the identity lifecycle management team.

Requests can impact a large number of new hires and existing employees.

Challenge: Lack of Automated Provisioning, Insecure Passwords in New HRaaS Platform

Station Casinos migrated to a new HRaaS platform, OracleHCM, and ADP payroll.

They were also considering deploying Facebook workplace to increase employee retention prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The consulting firm they hired to deploy Oracle HCM gave every employee a standard password and did not require the user to change their password after first-time use, which was a significant security risk.

Station Casinos also had no automation for provisioning of new users or applications or for de-provisioning team members when their employment ended.

Solution: Modern Identity Technology from Okta and AHEAD

AHEAD worked with our partners at Okta and Aquera to design a tailored solution to address the unique challenges faced by Station Casinos.

Okta solutions, including Universal Directory, Multi-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-On, and Lifecycle Management were integrated with Aquera as an HR on-boarding bridge and account provisioning gateway.

The new technologies were implemented for integration with Station Casinos’ HRaaS platform, Microsoft Active Directory, and payroll-as-a-service for every employee in the company.

Station Casinos now has the ability to quickly onboard new users and new applications with the ability to push attributes for automated provisioning.

Outcome: Faster production, stronger security, improved customer experience

The integrated solution has helped Station Casinos in:

  • Automated provisioning (onboarding) of new employees and deprovisioning for full lifecycle management.
  • Improved end user experience to required applications through SSO and self-service password maintenance. Enhanced security using MFA and requiring team members to change passwords.
  • A central repository of user attributes (name, email, salary type, property location, job title, job code etc.) all linked back to their HRaaS platform to downstream to existing or new applications.

This creates a powerful and flexible system that enables them to onboard new applications within hours instead of weeks.

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