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Real World Hybrid Cloud from the Trenches

Senior Solutions Architect and resident guru for all things related to automation, orchestration, and virtualization at AHEAD, Tim Carr, VCDX, guest stars in the newest episode of The CTO Advisor podcast, “Real World Hybrid Cloud from the Trenches”. Joined by Keith Townsend, author behind The CTO Advisor website, this podcast is a conversation between both friends and experts on embracing and supporting cloud efforts.

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Tim is a part of the Cloud Management and Automation practice at AHEAD, and his focus is on helping clients understand how to provision workloads in the public cloud space. Together, Tim and Keith touch on the importance of cloud-enabled infrastrastructure and automation and orchestration for the future of the data center, as well as how vendors are currently stepping up, or not stepping up, to help enterprises manage their workloads to match these emerging solutions. From OpenStack initiatives to VMware vRealize to Microsoft Azure Stack (Keith cites an earlier blog post written by Adam Youngblood, Technical Architect at AHEAD, introducing the Azure Stack Technical Preview), they delve into the history of automation and orchestration in the data center and how many enterprise IT organizations are currently leveraging these products in their own hybrid clouds. Here are a few key points from the discussion:  

  • OpenStack (open source cloud computing): Although many IT organizations are often interested in this software, Tim doesn’t currently have any examples of enterprise clients that actually use OpenStack in production as their fundamental basis for provisioning. In his experience, clients have found that this solution is often hard to maintain or is missing core capabilities needed by the enterprise. It is the type of solution that requires stitching together many components to make the whole thing work in synchrony.
  • VMware vRealize Automation (previously known as VMware vCloud Automation Center): vRealize is a go-to platform for many IT departments, especially in the hybrid cloud space. Tim often sees the vRealize suite dominate when clients are heavily virtualized and there isn’t a huge need for bare-metal provisioning (when this is the case, enterprises tend to lean toward Cisco UCS Director for managing infrastructure). The sweet spot for vRealize Automation is its ability to work with plug-ins in a variety of network areas.
  • Microsoft Azure Stack (in technical preview): Azure Stack is packaged as a “stack” that will give you all the services you expect from a cloud management platform…and then some. This service brings the Azure-like experience (as a service) and delivers it on-premises, allowing enterprise developers to bring capabilities in-house while also leveraging the public cloud version of Azure. 

Lastly, Tim discusses the pricing models of both public and private cloud offerings and some of the factors that contribute to why an organization chooses one over the other…or both!

If you want to know more about Tim or wish to speak with him directly, feel free to tweet him (@timmycarr) or visit his website.

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