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Reducing Costs while Increasing Security with EUC Strategy



Advocate Health Care is Illinois’s largest health system and is paving the way for a positive client experience in the medical field. As a nonprofit, the company stands by its mission to employ cutting-edge solutions to provide excellent patient care. With 400 care sites, 6,300 top doctors, and a commitment to community, it’s essential for Advocate to be operationally efficient.


Advocate engaged AHEAD experts to assist in its organizational and Information Services departmental goals, which included reducing costs, increasing service level to end users, optimizing staff utilization, and increasing security of data at the end user level.


Advocate sought to modernize EUC services for up to 15,000 users throughout the organization. This meant they had to focus on securing each layer of the platform, reduce cost and improve quality of care through technology innovation, and align the EUC strategy with the adoption of Windows 10. Approximately half of Advocate’s 30,000 devices were aging (XP or earlier) and had to be refreshed, as applications were being delivered through XenApp. In addition, desktop budgets were being managed by individual hospitals with a disparate application delivery model, resulting in inefficiencies.

The Solution

  • By partnering with AHEAD, Advocate was able to build consensus on the EUC architecture alternatives, design components, and roadmap and deployment plan approach.
  • AHEAD accelerated the path to deployment of the EUC environment, defined operational processes, and reduced costs for managing the environment.
  • Our experts also increased service levels through automaton, improved resource allocation, and enhanced security posture throughout the solution.

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