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Snowflake Summit Recap

Our technology partner, Snowflake, held their first user conference, Snowflake Summit, in San Francisco two weeks ago. There were many valuable sessions held by technology thought leaders that revealed the endless possibilities that come from being a data-driven enterprise. Customers like Square, REI, and Devon Energy took center stage to share their success stories. Snowflake’s Vice President of Customer and Product Strategy, Matt Glickman, concluded the conference with his powerful keynote: Your Journey to Become Data-Driven. If you missed it, all Summit keynotes are available online. Click here to watch.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a data warehouse built for the cloud, provided as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It is a complete SQL data warehouse designed with an architecture to handle all of your data with analytical functions and other features to give you the full capabilities to make the most of your data. Snowflake is strategic member of our Partner Network. Vertical Trail partners with Snowflake on many of our solutions, including our Financial Data Hub, because it is the only truly cloud-based data warehouse. They’ve rethought what a data warehouse should look like and how it should be designed in the cloud. Our customers appreciate the scalability, built-in security, and the usage-based pricing. We know that when we implement Snowflake for our customers, the results will exceed their expectations.

Summit Announcements

Over the past year, Snowflake’s momentum has been building like an avalanche (pun intended). We’re seeing more and more clients looking to migrate to Snowflake. The new features that were announced at the Summit are proof that Snowflake is a viable option for large enterprises. With the announcement of these new features, Snowflake can be compared like-for-like with traditional, on-premise warehousing systems.

Christian Kleinerman, Snowflake’s Vice President of Product Management, discussed their innovation roadmap. He explained the focus on four core areas: Core Data Warehouse, Data Pipelines, Global Snowflake, and Data Sharing. He also provided sneak peeks of some of the newest features during his keynote session, which you can find by registering to view here. Some of the biggest announcements were on cloud features like Snowflake Data Exchange and External Tables for data lake connectivity. Additionally, Snowflake announced at the Summit that support for Google Cloud will be coming in 2020 so that customers can utilize Snowflake no matter their preferred cloud provider. To learn more about all the new features, click here.

What’s ahead?

We are looking forward to leveraging these new features, and we foresee our clients benefiting from many of these features as part of the solutions we provide. We’ve begun exploring many of the features that are already available, including how we can implement multi-region solutions when replication is GA. Additionally, we expect to utilize Materialized Views and the Data Exchange for dashboards and share data with partners and subsidiaries. As always, we will continue to leverage the latest in modern technology to provide solutions that are most suited for our clients.

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