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The Modern NOC: IT Ops Predictions for 2018

Grounded in the latest market research, this new report, The Modern NOC: IT Ops Predictions for 2018, features 9 key predictions for our industry. Whether you are an executive, manager or engineer, this report examines issues and trends that affect the enterprise at all levels, including:

  • 80% of DevOps organizations tell Gartner that by 2021, ALL new services will be deployed in the cloud – how will this impact legacy event management systems?
  • 71% of enterprises are implementing or expanding IT automation this year – what does this mean for the role of the NOC?
  • 68% of IT orgs are dealing with high customer expectations for better experiences – will today’s IT monitoring tools meet these demands?
  • 50% of CIOs want to advance beyond the automation of routine tasks to support more complex decision-making – what does this mean for IT analytics & machine learning?

Explore these findings and more in The Modern NOC: Predictions for 2018

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