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Unleashing the Power of Analytics to Improve Healthcare

For any business, knowing how to collect and analyze data is important. But for health care, it’s critical.
To better adapt to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act and changing financial demands, health care organizations need to leverage data and insights to improve quality and patient safety, and to decrease operational costs.

The Changing Landscape of Healthcare

The use of predictive analytics in healthcare is becoming more prevalent. Hospitals now have the ability to use data to monitor and manage a patient’s health after they’ve been discharged. This decreases the cost of patient care, while also ensuring better overall outcomes.

Yet, staying abreast of this rapidly evolving Big Data strategy is a continuous process of testing and learning.

Organizations need to glean insights from hundreds and even thousands of data sets from a variety of sources, including internal systems (EMR), third party data, IoT device data and more.

In addition to the ability to collect and house the data, they also need a way to interpret that data accurately.

“Every day, there are new technology developments and improvements that can help deliver better patient outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care,” says Larry Pollastrini, Managing Partner of Vertical Trail.

A Leader in Data-Driven Healthcare

One of the nation’s largest member-owned health care services companies understands the value of qualitative and predictive analytics more than most. They provide progressive insights in the areas of clinical, operational and supply chain performance to the health care community.

New Horizons – Open Source Solutions

To support this initiative, their technology must be more advanced, more powerful and more reliable than that of the competition. With this in mind, the Company decided to redevelop and deploy their existing solutions on new technology platforms. These platforms utilize new, open source alternatives like Hadoop and AWS Cloud infrastructure.

Vertical Trail’s Define | Align | Ascend framework was instrumental in developing new health care solutions that adhered to the company’s requirements of being cost-effective, high quality and scalable.

The approach ensures the end solutions are aligned with business and technology objectives, delivered on time, and that the results show a definable financial return.

With this approach, Vertical Trail applied their Analytics Solution Framework, which allowed the Company to harness Big Data for more accurate analyses.

“In our framework, we first identified the specific problems the Company was trying to solve,” explains Pollastrini. “Our framework leads them through the process of quantifying the projected impact and value of a specific uses case, as well as the specific technologies and resource requirements to deliver that insight.“

From there, Vertical Trail created a strategy and roadmap that detailed the timeline for deploying the solution, along with the defined architecture, financial considerations and projected impacts to the patients and the business.

With a strategy in place, they quickly moved to the detailed design and deployment stages for the new environment.

“Our process gave them the comfort and transparency to understand the pros and cons of the options that are available to meet their requirements,” says Pollastrini. “The duration of this effort would have been at least two to three times as long, if they had not utilized our services.”

Moving forward, the Company believes that by partnering with Vertical Trail, they will continue to grow organically and remain nimble in adapting future technological advances.

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