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vSphere 5.5 End of Service is Here. What To Do?

End of General Support (EOGS) for vSphere 5.5 is September 19th, 2018: Don’t get caught unsupported! Even if you purchase limited-time, post-9/19 extended support for vSphere 5.5, you’re just delaying the inevitable. Eventually, all support options will end and you will have to upgrade.

Figuring out the right upgrade path is not easy

There are a lot of steps involved. Your environment will need to be re-architected, and both your software and your hardware will have to be upgraded in the correct sequence. Thorough planning and preparation are essential.

The move to vSphere 6.5 doesn’t have to be painful. AHEAD’s vSphere Upgrade Planner outlines each step you’ll need to take to ensure a seamless, worry-free transition. So whether you’re ready to start the upgrade process today, or are still considering your options, the Upgrade Planner will help you chart a clear path to success.

Need more reasons
to upgrade? 

The new vSphere 6.5 has a lot
to offer, including:

  • Reduced complexity
  • VM-level encryption
  • Automation and business agility
  • A secured, modernized data center
  • Forensic insights
  • Predictive load balancing
  • Proactive high availability
  • Improved IT compliance

Download the White Paper:

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