Autoscaling with AppDynamics, ServiceNow, and vRA

In this video, we will explore how to autoscale with AppDynamics, ServiceNow, and vRA. With these tools, we can proactively handle spikes in load without user intervention. AHEAD’s Sr. Technical Architect, Max Anderson, walks through how to enable this process.

vRA and ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow and vRA deliver a solution that allows your organization to integrate vRealize Automation within the ServiceNow platform. This enables users to view and manage resources, access vRA Catalog, and perform Day 2 operations all from ServiceNow.

How to Upgrade to vRA 7.5

Upgrading your vRealize Automation instance has sometimes been a painful exercise. But this was in the early days after VMware purchased the product from DynamicOps. It’s taken awhile, but the upgrade process has improved for each and every version, in my opinion, and 7.5 is no exception. If you’re on a previous version, here is a quick […]

Do It Yourself: vRA + NSX Hands-On-Lab

Let’s get one thing straight, the authors of this article are HUGE fans of the VMware Hands-On-Labs (HOL). We think it’s unbelievably cool that at a moment’s notice you can spin up the newest version of vSphere, dive head-first into the vRealize Suite, or practice the latest integrations with Palo Alto Networks and Infoblox. Having […]

VMware vRealize Automation and Puppet Enterprise: More Closely Linked in vRA 7.3

With the latest release of VMware vRealize Automation, VMware and Puppet have worked very closely together to ensure that leveraging their products as a stack is more effortless for the end-user. In this demo, we’ll dive in and see how to leverage the new “vRO Endpoints” feature of vRA. We’ll also demonstrate how to configure […]

Genuine Parts Company

VxRail and vRealize Roadmap and Implementation  Genuine Parts Company sought a simpler and more streamlined process for fulfilling IT requests. AHEAD created an infrastructure automation roadmap, including VxRail Hyperconverged infrastructure and vRealize Automation (vRA), integrated it with software for extensibility, and built a ServiceNow service catalog to simplify the end user experience.  Business Outcome Much faster VM provisioning and repairs.

PowerStore: The Future of Dell EMC Midrange Storage

There has been a great deal of consolidation via mergers and acquisitions in the enterprise storage industry over the past decade. The result is fewer, yet larger companies with multiple brands in their portfolios. This phenomenon has created product overlap within many portfolios. Examples include HPE with Nimble Storage, 3PAR/Primera and XP or IBM with Storwize, XIV, DS Series and the various parts they’ve assembled to create other products […]

VMware Cloud on AWS: Add-On Capabilities

It’s time to get used to a world where our infrastructure lives on someone else’s hardware. This now includes running our vSphere hypervisor on Amazon’s servers, along with giving up the ongoing maintenance of our vSphere environment. Yeah, I know, it will be a difficult time for us to get used to not performing patch […]

5 Cloud Management Platforms for the Enterprise

These days, a lot of the big enterprise IT shops that AHEAD works with have either purchased a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) or are taking a serious look at purchasing one soon. There is a ton of interest in the CMP space right now. As a consultant in our Cloud Management practice, I’m constantly talking […]

vRealize Automation & Azure – Together at Last!

The majority of AHEAD’s clients are doing work with both Microsoft and VMware, but when it comes to the cloud, integration is not easy. We are excited to highlight offerings and integration between products from Microsoft and VMware, who are key partners of our clients as well as AHEAD. In this overview, I demonstrate how […]