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AHEAD’s Focused Approach

With the growth of data, the ever-growing risk of breaches, and the demand for measurable value, it’s no wonder that enterprise security has been turned inside-out recently. As a result, CISOs are under pressure to prioritize and accelerate security improvements, while maintaining governance and controls.

AHEAD arms clients with prioritized and actionable cybersecurity strategies based on their specific needs and challenges. We know it’s not enough to talk around the pressing issue of security, which is why we go beyond rote recommendations and empower clients to be proactive in their cybersecurity posture, ultimately enabling the business to be less distracted by security concerns with a renewed focus on growth.

For Every Challenge, We Have a Solution

Our team of Integrated Security experts has actionable solutions to meet the six critical challenges enterprise security professionals are facing right now. We understand the adoption of a proactive enterprise security stance is the number one key to success.

App Delivery
Compliance Programs
Security Maturity

Cloud Is No Longer Optional

When it comes to the critical security of the cloud, AHEAD ensures the cloud environments are properly configured and monitored by putting the correct controls in place. We always ensure data is appropriately managed and secured. Read our whitepaper on Securing the Public Cloud

Ransomware Is Skyrocketing

A quick scan of news headlines indicates that attacks are indeed up to 50 per week and only getting worse. Even back-ups are being targeted now. AHEAD’s ransomware resiliency health checks are the first step to ensuring end-to-end ransomware protection, empowering you to shift your focus to business growth. Review our approach to ransomware resiliency

Resources Are In Short Supply

As the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs skyrockets, the lack of IT Security Specialists continues to make it difficult to deliver on projects and respond to events. AHEAD can help by providing expert security resources and Managed Security Services to accelerate your project goals. We can also assist firms with automation, which has the added benefit of reducing manual efforts. Learn more about our Managed Services

App Delivery Strains to Adapt

With applications and data across multiple clouds, the threat landscape has widened, and security techniques must evolve to keep pace. The variety of users, devices, networks, and access points are putting organizations in a fragile position with little support. AHEAD can help you understand where users connect from – as well as which applications and resources they connect to. Learn more about our Modern Applications & Data practice

Compliance Programs Are Failing

With attack surfaces continuing to broaden, AHEAD helps ensure your organization is translating compliance requirements into prescriptive technical guidance, so you can adapt and keep up with changes. Automation is also a proven way to reduce the burden of verifying compliance. Learn more about AHEAD’s Automation Hub

Security Maturity Needs Direction

It’s not unusual today for security teams to struggle with how best to prioritize their initiatives. AHEAD’s solutions are designed to build a foundation and then mature to protect your organization now – and in the future. Download our Security Maturity Model

Our Managed Security Solutions for the New Way to Work

How We Connect

  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • SD-WAN
  • Hybrid Cloud Networking
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

How We Secure

  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Cloud-based security controls

How We Protect Data

  • Data Governance and Access Management
  • Ransomware Recovery

How We Monitor

  • Cloud-native Infrastructure Monitoring Platforms
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

How We Manage

  • Modern Endpoint Management
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • AHEAD Cloud Operating Model

With a broad range of vendor partners, we take a holistic approach to security that is customized for every client.


Identify vulnerabilities, define best practices, and recommend opportunities for improvement.


Prioritize projects, define action plans, and align stakeholders across the organization.


Design and deliver a holistic cybersecurity strategy and solution, tailored to each client.

Our Expertise

Ransomware & Data Breach Protection

Develop a holistic program to identify, prevent, and aid recovery from ransomeware attacks.


Implement a network and application security model that allows access only to required services and nothing else.


Implement security controls to allow sensitive workloads to run in public cloud environments.


Manage user account additions, changes, and removals for enterprise-wide application leveraging identity management tools and automation.

Case Studies


A rapidly growing, multi-channel retail brand with high public visibility had a Board initiative to proactively assess their environment for any cybersecurity gaps and mitigate any risks to their business and customer data.


AHEAD conducted a comprehensive cybersecurity evaluation to identify how tactics, techniques, and procedures can be used to execute a ransomware-based attack. We delivered a risk assessment, mitigation strategy, and implementation plan.


  • Process Improvements based on the CIS Critical Security Control requirements for hardening cyber environments
  • Tooling Matrix and technology recommendations
  • A 12-24 Month roadmap with budgets of products and services and timelines to execute to desired state


Leadership at a regional hospital was worried about potential ransomware, with the average cost of a ransomware event in healthcare at $6.375M. The client didn’t have a solution in place to detect phishing attacks or recover from a ransomware event.


AHEAD held multiple workshops to build a ransomware mitigation strategy. We partnered with Rubrik and Proofpoint to drive email filtering solutions to prevent initial attacks and a data protection solution that helped recover from successful attacks.


  • Client has a significantly improved ransomware detection solution through Rubrik’s RADAR solution
  • Client has dramatically reduced the effort from their security team to analyze email­ based security attacks.
  • Client has more faith in their ability to recover from a ransomware attack


A large supermarket chain had cumbersome management of their firewall which also lacked redundancy. They had to solve for tactical security operational issues and set a roadmap for investment and maturity over time.


AHEAD designed a new perimeter firewall solution with Palo Alto which provided easy to use, centralized management. AHEAD is actively engaged to map security capabilities against the 7 TTPs.


  • An easier to manage perimeter security solution.
  • A have clear, simplified direction on investments in security services and solutions that directly address the most common TTPs used in successful attacks.
  • Continued engagement with AHEAD around Managed SIEM and SOC services to help them rapidly mature.


A leading global bank was opening new US-based operations. These operations would be much more cloud focused. They required a partner who could quickly create new US focused (NIST) controls for this environment.


AHEAD created a control framework used globally to maintain domestic and international compliance that allows the secure deployment and management of the bank’s cloud infrastructure.


  • Client is now able to streamline security operations for all cloud-based assets.
  • Improved cyber resilience and vulnerability management while speeding response times.
  • Output from this engagement is used to feed larger, global ServiceNow efforts.


A major municipality had a legacy backup and recovery solution that degraded their ability to maintain services during a disaster scenario, including a poor posture against an increasing threat of cyber-attacks on local government.


AHEAD deployed Dell DP5800 and Cyber Recovery Vault to securely store and analyze mission critical data off the network. Business resiliency was increased with automated recovery workflows with Intel.


  • City now has the only solution recommended by the FBI to protect against ransomware.
  • Backups are streamlined, secure, and enable quick recovery in a DR situation.
  • Solution funded by CARES, enabling City to fund other critical projects with General Fund.


Multi-channel retail brand’s parent was moving their e-commerce platform from data center to AWS. The shift from on-prem infrastructure to dynamic infrastructure changes the approach to security. A secrets management solution was required.


AHEAD’s design of various levels of secrets management helped with digital authentication credentials, including passwords, keys, APls, and tokens for use in applications, services, privileged accounts and other sensitive parts of the IT ecosystem.


  • Client can effectively manage lifecycle of access to resources they were not used to managing.
  • Successful machine-to-machine credential lifecycle management and rotation without manual management or multiple secret stores on the backend.


A large outdoor advertising company required network connectivity for their digital billboards. The access management layer of security needed to be improved to give workforce a single dashboard to connect to key applications.


Small Single Sign-on (sso) platform included integrations with all key applications. MFA and user lifecycle management was added, positioning the trusted Okta platform solution to be the single source of truth for user identity in their environment.


  • A new access management solution for SSO, MFA, and user lifecycle needs for every key user.
  • Customized security integrations for all applications.
  • Improved security posture via implementation of a centralized identity management platform.

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