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Now more than ever, business and technology strategies are one and the same, as organizations compete based on their digital platforms. They face immense pressure to deliver seamless and powerful customer experiences, empower employees with data-driven insights, release new internal tools and applications faster, and deliver scalable platforms to support business growth – all while running securely and more efficiently. ​ 

Increasingly, cloud-native strategies and platforms are viewed as critical to meeting such complex, often conflicting, demands. In fact, Gartner expects that by 2025 cloud-native platforms will serve as the foundation for 95% of new digital initiatives – up from less than 40% in 2021.  ​ 

While the industry has been talking about the promise of cloud-native for some time, the real question is: how do we get there faster?​ 

AHEAD knows that few organizations get to start on a cloud-native journey with a clean slate.  They face a modernization bridge that needs to be crossed – with ample appreciation for how complex enterprise-grade requirements related to networking, security, data retention, and more, translate to a cloud-native world.  

Hear from AHEAD practitioners and clients on how they’re accelerating the transition to cloud-native enterprises, with stories built around combinations of technology accelerators, best practices, and lessons learned.   

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Day 1 – Keynote

Accelerating Modernization: Trends, Challenges & Opportunities For Building The Cloud-Native Enterprise

Speaker: Eric Kaplan – Chief Technology Officer, AHEAD.

As businesses strive to build robust digital enterprises, executives face a dynamic and complex set of decisions. Building long term actionable strategy, dealing with technical debt, finding and retaining expert talent and partnering with the right vendors. In this session, we’ll discuss trends that AHEAD sees across our hundreds of clients on their transformation journeys, with common challenges and exciting opportunities to pivot from survival mode to growth mode.

Day 1 – Session 1

Forecast: Cloudy With 100% Chance Of Transformation

Speaker: Mark Hanson – Chief Architect, AHEAD.

The cloud isn’t a destination. It’s an operating model.  Today’s businesses need to think less about private, public, multi-cloud and edge and more about what new business capabilities and desired outcomes the cloud can deliver. In this session, we’ll explore the enterprise cloud journey facing businesses today, with focus on how to avoid common cloud migration traps, the power of automation and the skills needed to optimize your infrastructure.

Day 1 – Session 2

Can Your Network Do This? Enterprise Connectivity In The New Hybrid Cloud World

Speaker: Tony Jaroszewski – Director, Specialty Sales Engineering, AHEAD.

Today’s growth-focused businesses must adapt to a new model of connecting users and workloads anywhere and everywhere.  No easy task for sure, requiring companies to rethink and adapt their network and security capabilities. In this session, we’ll explain this new network and security model end to end, as well as provide an actionable roadmap to start defining your journey.

Day 1 – Session 3

Go Fast! Enterprise Service Management At The Speed Of Business

Speaker: Ryan Hale – Director, Specialty Sales Engineering, AHEAD.

Operating a dynamic and vibrant IT ecosystem – managing assets, deploying cloud capabilities, building and maintaining applications, handling incidents, maintaining IT governance and compliance – is tough work.  Doing all of that at warp speed to support the growth objectives of today’s business is REALLY tough work. In this session, we’ll talk about how an a well governed & robust service management platform can help companies go fast and mitigate gaps that bring ordinary businesses to a halt.

Day 1 – Session 4

Security via Maturity: The Proactive Approach To Protecting The Enterprise

Speakers: Dustin Grimmeissen – Senior Director, Specialty Sales Engineering & Grant Sewell – Director, IT Information Security, AHEAD joined by Peter Dohm – Chief Information Security Officer of Battelle.

Old solutions for protecting the enterprise simply cannot keep pace with the massive growth of data, the ever-increasing risk of breaches, and the rapid migration to the cloud. In this session, we’ll share AHEAD’s best practices and maturity model for embracing a proactive and pragmatic approach to security as well as real-world perspectives in an executive roundtable. 

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3

Day 2 – Keynote

Making Digital Modernization Real: Opportunities, Pitfalls & Critical Success Factors

Speakers: Pam Coffey – Field Chief Technology Officer, Josh Perkins – Field Chief Technology Officer, and Andy Sajous – Field Chief Technology Officer, AHEAD.

AHEAD’s Field Chief Technology Officers work alongside clients to envision and activate their digital modernization strategy. In this session, our Field CTOs will share their experiences and provide guidance on emerging opportunities, common pitfalls and critical success factors along the transformation journey.  

Day 2 – Session 1

Data Talks. BS Walks. Business In The Age Of Smart Analytics

Speakers: Johnny Hatch – Director and Client Solutions Architect, Matt Sweetnam – Chief Architect, and Rob Koury – Vice President of Digital Solutions, AHEAD.

Organizations have access to seemingly unlimited amounts data. However, few have the tools, skills and organizational capabilities to harness and distill all that data into actionable insights to work smarter and faster. In this session, we’ll look at the critical linkage of data engineering and data science to connect, store and transform raw data into valuable information for the enterprise, with real-world perspectives from AHEAD clients who have accelerated their businesses by transforming their data capabilities. 

Day 2 – Session 2

New Perspectives For Protecting And Preserving Data In The Cloud

Speakers: Eli Mercado – Senior Data Protection Specialist, and Scott Taylor – Director, Modern Infrastructure Specialists, AHEAD.

What once was merely an archive target for the data center, the cloud is now the primary source of critical data across the distributed enterprise. With this pivot comes the critical need for IT leaders to understand the new types of threats and challenges they’ll face in the cloud.  In this session, we’ll walk through a new cloud-native approach to data protection in the cloud, so your data is safe from simple accidental deletions to sophisticated ransomware attacks.

Day 2 – Session 3

Transformation via Agile Applications

Speakers: Tim Curless – Principal Solutions Architect, Bert Johnson – Managing Principal, and Eric Mader – Senior Solutions Architect, AHEAD.

Today, every company must be a software company, regardless of what they do or sell. Innovative businesses embrace this concept, building in-house applications that help them work smarter, increase competitiveness, deliver better customer experiences and drive growth. In this session, we’ll talk about modernization, agile application development, knocking down barriers between business and IT to drive transformation and the importance of a holistic application development approach.   

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