Troodon™ Analytics Hub

Troodon is a cloud-based advanced analytics and data science environment that allows almost any size organization the opportunity to explore data and discover valuable insights.

Organizations demand more value from rapidly expanding data sources.

For those looking to grow their machine learning, advanced analytics, and data science practice, it can be difficult to identify a cost-effective solution leveraging the appropriate tools and resources that can be deployed quickly to deliver rapid business value.

AHEAD’s proven solution offering, Troodon Analytics Hub, provides everything you need to get an effective data science environment up and running.

Business Value

AHEAD offers a proven solution that can get you from use case conception to business value in eight weeks or less.

Market Acceleration

Gain market value by quickly delivering advanced analytics and data science services to the business.

Innovation Acceleration

Continue to evolve and adapt the tools and capability of your team without the traditional technology constraints.

Enterprise Acceleration

Expand and offer advanced analytics and data science capabilities across your enterprise.

Rapid Implementation

Immersion Workshop

Identify use cases, understand the technology landscape, and define a data hub and analytics architecture.


Adapt to integrate existing technologies and comply with client network, security, and governance requirements.


Deploy and thoroughly test the customized Troodon Analytics Hub environment and data ingestion pipelines

Pilot Use Case

Build and assist with executing the initial use cases as identified in the Use Case Immersion Workshop

Transition to Ongoing Support

Establish and migrate to an ongoing support model customized to the needs of the client

Advanced Analytics Studies

Harnessing Financial Data to Reinvent the Customer Experience

Unleashing the Power of Analytics to Improve Healthcare

Accelerating Analytics for Actionable Manufacturing Insights