AHEAD Announces New VMware Cloud on AWS Offering, Providing Clients a Holistic Enterprise Cloud Platform.

This post originally appeared on Cision.

AHEAD, a leading provider of IT consulting and enterprise cloud solutions, today announced it has achieved the VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Competency, allowing the company to offer VMware Cloud on AWS to its customers. VMware Cloud on AWS facilitates the use of vSphere on next-generation AWS infrastructure, enabling clients to seamlessly migrate existing applications, develop entirely new applications and extend the capacity of current data centers quickly. As one of the first solution providers to offer VMware Cloud on AWS and receive the VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Competency, AHEAD is uniquely positioned to help clients take advantage of VMware Cloud on AWS.

Today’s enterprise cloud blends on-premises infrastructure with public cloud services, and AHEAD has an established track record of helping clients bridge both worlds. Using its Enterprise Cloud Delivery Framework as a guide, AHEAD will architect and deploy solutions holistically across VMware-based environments and VMware Cloud on AWS to help clients balance demands for speed and simplicity against requirements for rigorous security and management practices.

“We’ve enjoyed a long, trusted partnership with VMware, with thousands of hours spent designing and implementing VMware environments leading up to achieving the VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Competency,” said Daniel Adamany, CEO of AHEAD. “The time invested is well worth the value that will be accrued to customers who want to move to the public cloud without redefining entire application stacks. We look forward to helping clients integrate VMware Cloud on AWS into their enterprise cloud journeys.”

AHEAD provides the following services as part of its VMware Cloud on AWS offering:

  • Environment Analysis and Readiness Services: Prepare environments for vSphere 6.5 and VMware Cloud integration, create and execute a vSphere 6.5 upgrade plan and enable automated disaster recovery
  • Application Discovery Framework: Discover and map applications and acquire a complete understanding of the application environment
  • VMware Cloud Design and Deployment: Design and deploy VMware Cloud on AWS environments, extending on-premises infrastructure while enabling native public cloud services
  • VMware Cloud Hybrid Cloud Design and Deployment: Leverage NSX and vRealize Network Insight, accelerate the deployment of application stacks and implement highly available connectivity between VMware Cloud and on-premises
  • VMware Cloud Migration Services: Use application assessments and a programmatic migration framework to create migration waves, migration windows and technical and executive reporting
  • AWS Foundational Design and Deployment: Design and deploy AWS foundational cloud solutions, including education, customer- and application-specific design and deployment of AWS Cloud infrastructure
  • Cloud Automation Services: Improve quality and consistency of services as well as speed of service delivery, integrate VMware Cloud as an endpoint for self-service and implement the organization’s CMDB / ITSM / ITIL processes

“We’re pleased to see AHEAD offer VMware Cloud on AWS and achieve the new VMware Cloud on AWS Solution Competency. With this achievement, AHEAD can help customers accelerate cloud adoption and migration, modernize their data center environments and increase IT efficiency,” said Rich Figer, vice president, North American Solution Partners, VMware. “VMware Cloud on AWS provides a full VMware-based SDDC experience that extends from customers’ on-premises environment to the world’s largest public cloud, AWS, and enables customers to eliminate operational complexity by managing a hybrid cloud environment with familiar VMware tools.”

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