Across all lines of insurance – property, life, and health – digital capabilities founded on technologies like IoT, telematics, and automation, are poised to elevate the impact of insurance offerings.  But insurers face technical debt loads that often dwarf those of other industries, hindering the pace at which they can change, and placing a premium on an ability to balance growth-focused innovations with cost-focused operational improvements.

  • Advancing the shift to digital channels​
  • Inefficient underwriting, policy admin, claims​
  • Tailoring custom solutions for clients
  • Establishing insuretech JV’s
  • Supporting IoT for dynamic pricing
  • Product commoditization
How We Help
  • Data center modernization​
  • Ransomware mitigation & security response
  • Consolidation of IT operations during M&A​
  • Account onboarding improvement with RPA
  • Core insurance application modernization
  • Secure multi-cloud operating environment
Workflow & Automation
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Cloud Platforms
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Digital Transformation
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