Managed Services

Supporting Businesses with Flexible, High-Level Performance

Our managed services free your team to focus on more meaningful, high-impact work. We provide flexibility and scalability to meet unforeseen changes in your business, but also more predictable operating costs and reduced risks.


With a net-promoter score of 88 and a Managed CSAT of 92, client success is our #1 focus.

Managed Services transforms the way a business approaches its technology. Businesses operating under Managed Services are proactive versus reactive — monitoring and resolving issues before they disrupt employees, management, and clients.

We offer complete service transparency, with KPI tracking and reporting aligned to business outcomes. Our services can all be configurable and aligned to individual technologies, all the way to full data center and infrastructure out-tasking.

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AHEAD offers comprehensive Managed Services from full program management of the entire IT infrastructure and applications, to segmented solutions for infrastructure or security management only, depending on the specific need.
Infrastructure Management
  • Compute / Converged / Virtualization
  • Cloud & Storage
  • Data Protection
  • Network & Operating Systems
  • Domain & Activity Directory
  • ServiceNow Applications
Managed Solutions
  • Monitoring as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Backup as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
Security Management
  • Automated Asset Discovery & File Integrity Monitoring
  • Intrusion Detection & Event Correlation
  • Vulnerability Assessment & Forensics
  • Log Management & Compliance Reporting
  • Dark Web & User Activity Monitoring
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Security Orchestration
Full Program Management
  • SOC Security Services
  • Infrastructure Services (ITAM / ITOM)
  • End-user Support Service
  • System Monitoring & Support (Service Desk 24x7x365)
  • ServiceNow Management Service
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Our mission with AHEAD Managed Services is to provide high-value operational services, enabling customers to transform IT Operations and to realize operational agility benefits.
We ensure this through three key practices; running proactive support, administration, and operations of systems and services; maturing operations, processes, and preventative maintenance and thereby reducing customer IT and operational risk; and delivering quality services with meticulously tracked KPIs, always striving to meet and surpass expectations and business outcomes.

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