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Our commitment to IP can be seen within our industry-leading Accelerators. With more than 400 APIs, customized offerings, and frameworks that integrate multiple platforms, we strive to create new ways to drive digital transformation for our clients.


The Digital Delivery Platform, or DDP, serves as a framework for our Accelerators across the entire enterprise IT environment. Many clients use it as a reference architecture, even placing their own logo and branding on it. And at a high level, it helps identify the key points of integration across your entire environment, where stitching is needed to accelerate progress. And since it has evolved and been battle tested as a guide over the last decade, the DDP ensures implementations are done right the first time as it simplifies, drives alignment, and reduces risks.





Transformations will fail if technology leaders think about projects individually
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Automation Hub

AHEAD’s Automation Hub enables development teams to work more efficiently and respond better to the dynamic needs of the business. By modernizing and streamlining processes to reduce friction and complexity, adoption of automation more closely aligns with stakeholder needs and decreases time to value.

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POD Infrastructure

AHEAD PODs are a custom solution that address enterprise difficulties with IT infrastructure. As a customized converged infrastructure stack deployed much faster and at lower cost than most infrastructure, an AHEAD POD can be designed to be as complex or as simple as necessary, with customizations across product, integration, location, support, and more.

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Data Analytics Hub

AHEAD’s Analytics Hub is a cloud-based analytics and data science platform designed to help analysts explore data and discover valuable insights using the most modern technologies. The hub can be configured to integrate with many of today’s leading machine learning, business intelligence, and AI tools to scale an existing data science capability or create a new analytics department.

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DevOps Agility Catalyst

AHEAD’s Agility Catalyst is a delivery framework that incorporates Agile development practices with modern DevSecOps principles to speed up and maximize the value of technology. Our Agility Catalyst differs from other scaled Agile frameworks – it infuses simplified and scalable Agile Ways of Working with cloud-first architectures and modern data analytics and insights.

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Cloud Catalyst

A proven cloud adoption framework that streamlines and simplifies your organization’s move to the cloud. It is a customizable framework that leverages repeatable processes, tools and expertise. Cloud Catalyst incorporates the planning, design, and technology necessary to quickly transform your organization to capitalize on getting the most out of AWS, Azure and Google Cloud platforms.

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Hatch IT Lifecycle Management Platform

The AHEAD Hatch™ platform streamlines infrastructure and asset management across your network, from the data center to the edge. Hatch consolidates your data into a single interface through deep integrations and interoperability with your existing toolset, including ServiceNow. Unlike traditional portals, Hatch is a platform that ensures you have the accurate information you need, where you need it and when you need it, updated in real-time, enabling your team to move smarter, faster.

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