Pandemic-induced supply chain disruption and labor shortages continue to pressure retail industry growth, but the industry remains a hotbed of digital transformation.  Social commerce is booming and engagement with retail brands through social media – increasingly virtual experiences – will only continue to bridge online and in-store experiences. Meanwhile, investments in automation are helping address the same labor shortage experienced by many industries.

  • Omni-channel experience complexity​
  • Demand for new digital products & assets​
  • Customer churn​
  • Lack of data intelligence at the edge​
  • Supply chain inefficiencies​
  • Payment/customer security
How We Help
  • Standardized rapidly deployable infrastructure​
  • ITSM, ITOM, ITAM on ServiceNow​
  • Ransomware mitigation & security response​
  • Public cloud migration & operating model​
  • Managed services for infrastructure & security​
  • DevOps CI/CD toolchain
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