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Build better software, faster. AHEAD Platform Engineering solutions help you onboard new developers at scale, improve the developer experience across your organization, and prepare your infrastructure for a seamless pipeline to developer and data science teams.

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Developer Experience and DevOps Modernization
  • Thanks to overly complex infrastructure, most developers say they can only spend 2-3 hours a day writing code. AHEAD empowers enterprises to optimize developer productivity through identifying subpar systems and workflows across the software delivery lifecycle.
  • Engineering leaders gain objective data to pinpoint inconsistent systems and context switching that siphon precious hours from coding.
  • Armed with actionable metrics on engineering inefficiencies, teams can smooth development friction to help developers regain lost time and focus for high-value features that accelerate digital initiatives.
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Internal Developer Platforms
  • AHEAD builds tailored developer portals that provide a unified gateway to infrastructure, services, and APIs. Enable fast onboarding, simplified cross-team collaboration and reduced costs.
  • Create a unified developer experience, provide a collection of reusable components and technical enablement, and implement automation on the data stack to increase productivity.
  • With a self-service portal automating access and governance, developers claim back precious coding time once siphoned on maintaining legacy applications.
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Platform Engineering Modernization
  • Release your applications faster and lower technical debt. AHEAD reduces the hours spent on integration issues and allow your developers to focus all energy on progressing features from concept to customer.
  • Quickly make the right decisions for business and application development. Platform engineering preps your infrastructure to get vital data to your teams faster.
  • Build standardized, governed environments, with protection policies directly integrated into development pipelines.
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Infrastructure Automation
  • Every cutting-edge application needs robust infrastructure automation. AHEAD harnesses Infrastructure-as-Code tools to centrally configure, orchestrate, and govern underlying technology stacks across multi-cloud, on-prem and edge.
  • IT Ops teams gain policy guardrails to enforce standards at scale reducing risk, while dashboards provide early warnings to get ahead of incidents.
  • Developers tap standardized blueprints to build faster — no more reinventing secure foundations.
Roadmap to Automation at Scale

Why is Platform Engineering Important?

Software developers often wage uphill battles against productivity-draining challenges. Manual onboarding and offboarding processes and integrating new services and tools leach precious time better invested tackling complex coding projects. A lack of patterns and code templates jeopardizes consistency. And inadequate test automation and mounting technical debt translate to swollen development cycles. Platform engineering has become invaluable for businesses to reduce inefficiencies as they develop and maintain their technological platforms to support their core operations.

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A Prescriptive Approach to Platform Engineering

Quickly and safely deliver superb digital experiences. With over 500 unique pieces of code accelerators, AHEAD’s predefined Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and developer portal templates eliminate duplication and inefficiencies. Our IaC modules facilitate deployments on a multitude of platforms. And packaged application frameworks ensure compliance and security throughout the development process.

Harness the Power of Our Accelerators

Give your teams everything they need to accelerate software delivery with our development starter kits and self-service portals. AHEAD’s partnership with Harness allows us to rapidly onboard the automated components required for platform engineering, including Harness CI/CD/STO, cloud infrastructure as code (IaC) templates, developer code and pipeline templates, and finally, policy as code templates which can be applied to the toolchain or cloud platform.

A Track Record for DevOps Transformation

AHEAD’s combination of cloud expertise, user-centric mindset, compliance rigor, and leverageable IP accelerate time-to-value across all development projects. We work with you every step of the way to enable holistic transformation across people, process, and technology, infused with experience design and change management principles to drive adoption and outcomes. The result is simplified, high-velocity software delivery that helps you achieve business goals.


We work with over 200 of the leading IT innovators.

We’ve been building the next generation of platform engineering with our partners.

How We Solved Platform Engineering for Our Customers

The acquisition of close to 500 insurance brokers over the past twenty years created an infrastructure sprawl that hurt HUB’s ability to serve customers, respond to market changes, and continue to grow through acquisition.

AHEAD helped architect a new AWS-based infrastructure, including mapping business applications to AWS services and defining new networking requirements. After migrating 380 VMs (and eliminating 800 others) HUB can much more quickly integrate new acquisitions without acquiring legacy technology.


Consumers Energy is a public utility that provides natural gas and electricity to 6.7 million of Michigan’s 10 million residents. They use smart meters to receive total household energy usage data that is used to generate energy bills and forecast usage. These measurement systems were experiencing frequent outages, and the Consumers team couldn’t identify the root cause.

AHEAD deployed AppDynamics to monitor and improve performance of key applications, including dashboards to provide application and business owners’ insights into performance. We also provided integration with ServiceNow to speed incident response and remediation.

Consumers Energy now has the monitoring strategy, metrics, and real-time visibility needed to prevent outages, improve user experiences, and comply with industry requirements.

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