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Optimizing IT spend is top of mind for every CFO, CIO & CTO. The shift to cloud and other transformational initiatives are changing the way businesses view IT. Many associate the term “FinOps” with only the public cloud, but why? After all, most enterprises manage complex hybrids of cloud and data center-based services, hence thinking about FinOps for the entire IT Enterprise is essential.


Why FinOps Services

Ensure you know where you are spending money in the cloud and identify opportunities to save by leveraging AHEAD's FinOps experts. In customer engagements, we average a 10% - 20% spend optimization over 3 year periods.
Application Dispositioning

Application dispositioning with IT financial consulting identified $17.3M in savings over 5 years.

Data Center Consolidation

A data center consolidation assessment with IT financial consulting demonstrated the client could save $3.7M over 5 years by accelerating the evacuation of a secondary data center.

Cloud Strategy Design

Cloud strategy design with IT financial consulting projected that a healthcare organization could run 100% in the cloud with no negative financial impact and added technical benefit. The models depict how each spend category was impacted over time with dynamic ramp schedules and transformation costs included.

Key Capabilities

To some, FinOps may be just another buzzword that simply translates to financial operations. AHEAD, on the other hand, prefers to approach it as methodology. Focused on optimizing spend, increasing business value, and enabling better transparency, our FinOps for Enterprise IT offerings are tailored to address an organization's specific needs while uncovering significant cost savings.

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