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AHEAD arms clients with prioritized and actionable cybersecurity strategies based on their specific needs and challenges. We know it’s not enough to talk around the pressing issue of security, which is why we go beyond rote recommendations and empower clients to be proactive in their cybersecurity posture, ultimately enabling the business to be less distracted by security concerns with a renewed focus on growth.

Our Perspective

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Key Solutions

Explore some of the core security solutions we work on
01Security Strategy
Take a holistic approach to securing all aspects of your environment – not as a roadblock, but as a guardrail that safely allows your business to move faster.
02Governance & Compliance
Align your security environment to business goals and best standards and practices through assessments and process optimization.
03Identity Access Management
Manage user account additions, changes, and removals for enterprise-wide application leveraging identity management tools and automation.
04Zero Trust
Implement a network and application security model that allows access only to required services and nothing else.

Top Partners

We partner with more than 200 leading innovators, including the top players in cybersecurity solutions.

Advise, Transform, Operate

Example Services for Security

We execute dozens of specialized services across our core security solutions. Whether through Advisory Services like assessments and strategy planning, Transformation Services like modernized deployments, or Managed Services like environment monitoring and support, we have tailored, end-to-end offerings to aid your security initiatives.
Cloud Security Health Check

Health check of a public cloud environment to determine adherence to best practices and compliance requirements.

Security Automation
Leverage the power of security automation platforms paired with
API driven security tools to reduce the time to find and address
security incidents.
Cybersecurity Managed Services

Accelerate deployment of security configurations, processes, and technical policies for full-cycle security operations.


AHEAD Ransomware Health Check

With a three-tier approach to examine the full scope of your threat prevention and recovery process, AHEAD’s ransomware resiliency health checks are the first step to ensuring end-to-end ransomware protection, empowering you to shift your focus to business growth.

Develop a strategy to build a well-rounded threat management plan and prioritize risks across your environment.


Tap into insights across your environment and design a mitigation architecture.


Plan for data recovery and ensure end-to-end protection in the event of successful attacks.

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