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Can your network keep up with the pace of your business? Design and implement modern networks purpose-built for today’s data center and cloud workloads, with security and automation as foundational elements.

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Network Lifecycle Management
  • Network refresh projects are a headache. Each campus needs custom design, equipment procurement, staging, configuration, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. But it is possible to simplify the engineering and logistical challenges of enterprise network and OT refreshes.
  • Keep tabs on every single asset in your network across hundreds or thousands of campuses. AHEAD’s Hatch platform synthesizes all your order tracking, invoice information, and warranties, giving you full IT asset lifecycle visibility at any location.
  • Whether you have one location or one thousand, refresh your entire network simultaneously. From greenfield hospitals to offices to active data centers in international environments, AHEAD has designed and deployed hundreds of complex network deployments from the ground up.
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Network Security
  • With new edge devices everywhere, with employees working anywhere, and with the shift to cloud connectivity and an increasing reliance on connected OT, the outdated hub-and-spoke network security model now poses major risks.
  • Protect your assets in a distributed workforce. Our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions enable Zero Trust network access by consolidating numerous networking and security capabilities and functions – traditional delivered in multiple, siloed point solutions – in a single, fully integrated cloud-native platform.
  • Cybersecurity is a process, not a product. We don’t sell out-of-the box solutions – we work with you to constantly strengthen your network security posture.
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Multicloud Networking
  • Our networking teams work cross-functionally to build a secure multi-cloud architecture that optimally connects any user on any device to any cloud service.
  • AHEAD has an opinionated multi-cloud networking reference architecture to assess network maturity based on resilient connectivity, secure edge, consistent experience, advanced security, comprehensive NetSecOps, and automation.
  • We accelerate cloud-based transformation through our strong partnerships with leading cloud providers, regardless of hybrid, public, or multi-cloud infrastructures.
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Network Automation
  • Relieve your IT staff of mundane work and remove the roadblocks to complete automation. Though most organizations share the same high-level goals of network automation — more time for value-added work, fewer outages, and greater operational efficiency — the road taken to achieve these goals is often different, and we’ve seen them all.
  • Scale network automation across your entire enterprise. Our experts can help with real world use case analysis and solutions mapping, prescribe recommendations for progress implementation, recommendations tools for every stage of network automation maturity, and design custom skill building roadmaps and timelines for your teams.
  • Build out an “SDN everywhere” approach that lets you relentlessly automate your network via ServiceNow, HashiCorp, GitHub, and the AHEAD Managed SOC.
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Why Refresh Your Network Now?

Spending millions of dollars on modernizing your core data center doesn’t mean much for productivity if your network is underperforming for your distributed workforce. Read AHEAD’s Enterprise Network Refresh Playbook to help you start building your roadmap to a modern network that lets every device – and every employee – perform at the speed needed for innovation to happen.

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Hatch for Network Lifecycle Management

All AHEAD networking projects come with access to the Hatch platform, which lets you seamlessly track the thousands of moving parts of a network refresh from procurement to disposition. Set up automated procurement workflows and real-time order tracking. Keep track of end-of-life roadmaps on full tech stacks, components and other items. Utilize reverse logistics services to facilitate the return or relocation of assets. It’s complete IT lifecycle management powered by a single platform.

Hatch for Network Management

Hatch also integrates with various tools and systems that you already have, such as ServiceNow, observability platforms, and OEM portals. Leverage the Hatch data layer to enhance and automate workflows and solve problems – including site management, support contract management, financial reporting, security configuration, and ServiceNow integration.

Secure Chain of Custody

Eliminate the chaos of multiple vendors shipping, testing, and installing equipment at your various sites. Our Forge platform allows us to source, integrate, test, and deploy complete solutions from our central integration center in Illinois, assuring secure chain of custody for all your network assets.

See Full Business Value from a Network Refresh

Our experts work with you to eliminate technical debt by leveraging an asset-light approach to campus infrastructure. We standardize, consolidate, and enhance network technologies across facilities, creating a reliable and resilient network that both reduces operational overhead and provides a foundation for future business needs and IT capabilities.


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