Client Stories
International Insurance Firm
Ensuring Network Reliability for an International Insurance Firm

A leading insurer partnered with AHEAD to simplify its complex networks, resulting in increased uptime, scalability, and optimized automation, security, and cost control.

A leading multi-line insurer that serves markets in over 210 countries was facing difficulties with cloud adoption because its critical data center, cloud, and Carrier Neutral Facility networks were overly complex and built on non-standard architectures. Compounding the issue were organizational silos, restrictive change windows, manual processes and a busy internal project schedule.

AHEAD worked with multiple cross-functional teams to assess and recommend and in-place re-architecture of major cloud and CNF networks, including a global routing redesign. We developed and provided tailored architecture, migration, and implementation plans, and automated process improvements to ensure resiliency and failover recovery in the event of a CNF failure or hyperscaler regional outage.

By building standardized designs, the firm’s networks benefitted from increased uptime, are more scalable to meet business demands and support application migration to public clouds, and are optimized for automation, security, and cost control.