By now, most enterprises are leveraging at least some level of automation to streamline their operations, security, internal processes, and more. However, it is also common for organizations to eventually hit an inflection point where they struggle to scale their existing automation tools to enable continued growth. Standardizing infrastructure and maintaining consistency throughout the organization is a significant challenge—particularly in the case of network automation—that requires the use of enterprise tools and applications in order to scale and maintain optimal efficiency.

In the following video, we’ll explore the capabilities of Nautobot to demonstrate the ways in which the tool can create pathways for growth in network automation, such as:

  • Standardizing border gateway protocol (BGP) configurations across multiple platforms
  • Demonstrating Nautobot’s flexibility in a tool-agnostic pipeline and its seamless integration with Ansible for automation tasks
  • Highlighting Nautobot’s efficient data structuring capabilities that allow for scalable configurations
  • Scaling and adapting the same BGP configuration across different network platforms
  • Providing insights into the art of the possible with network automation, focusing on the potential for scalability and efficiency gains

Watch the full demo below or get in touch with AHEAD to learn more.


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