With so many enterprise IT functions moving to the cloud, business leaders are keeping a close eye on their spend, how to manage it, and how to maximize return on investment. In the market, ‘FinOps’ has become a means of getting this done — however, it is most commonly associated with the public cloud. The problem? The majority of enterprises maintain a hybrid model made up of public and private clouds as well as datacenter-based services. This begs the question — why would organizations limit FinOps to just the public cloud? The simple answer: they shouldn’t.  

At AHEAD, we view FinOps as an invaluable methodology that should be applied to not only the public cloud, but the entire digital enterprise. Bringing to the table a holistic perspective, robust financial models, and automation expertise, we help organizations align their technology investments with desired outcomes and financial goals. With services spanning strategy, design, implementation, and fully managed financial operations across the enterprise IT footprint, AHEAD gives organizations a better view of their financial outlook, empowering them to make the right decisions for their business.  

So, how can you tell which FinOps services are right for your enterprise? In this eBook, we’ll explore the most common challenges our clients face, and the specific solutions presented within our FinOps for Enterprise IT offerings. 


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