Managed services for IT operations extend beyond administrative support, and by partnering with AHEAD’s FinOps as a Service, organizations are enabled to realize additional operational agility benefits and cost savings. 

Ensure you know where you are spending money in the cloud and identify opportunities to save by leveraging AHEAD’s FinOps as a Service framework. FinOps as a Service utilizes industry trends and modern cloud optimization tooling to provide reporting, dashboarding, and reviews of cloud spend, ensuring informed cost optimization decisions. 

In this webinar, Senior Director of Managed Services Delivery, Nick Colyer, will discuss FaaS and the importance of integrating proactive support, administration, and operations of systems and services while reducing customer IT and operational risk through process enhancement and preventative maintenance. Learn how to align your IT asset management to industry practices to ensure FinOps routine tasks are scheduled and executed effectively. 

In this 1-hour on demand session, you will learn how to: 

  • Effectively implement Cloud Cost Management as part of your FinOps processes. 
  • Learn about the 4 common FinOps workflows required for Cloud. 
  • Learn about effective ways to save money on your cloud spend. 
  • See a hands-on Demo and examples of FinOps Dashboards and real-world examples of cost savings. 


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