State, Local, & Education

The state, local, and education (SLED) market is vast and complex, encompassing more than 90,000 different government agencies in the U.S., each with varied regional and community-specific needs.  Priorities that every agency or educational institution face include the ongoing digitization of services and citizen data access in a secure manner, reducing the digital divide in their communities, and upskilling and/or automating to account for an aging workforce.

  • Citizen data access/security​
  • Upskilling digital workforce​
  • Reducing the digital divide​
  • Citizen, student or faculty experience​
  • Inefficient university operations​
  • Expanding research outcomes
How We Help
  • Secure cloud access​
  • Technology service brokerage design​
  • Conversion to distance & eLearning​
  • Secure Research-as-a-Service environment​
  • Ransomware mitigation & security response​
  • Cloud-based transformation strategy
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Digital Transformation
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