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Azure Migration for Scalability and Portability

Avenu had acquired another company that had an Azure foundation. That company had a pay-as-you-go payment plan, paid for by an individual employee instead of the IT team. In addition to this payment plan, Avenu recognized that the application they were using was not sustainable from a cloud perspective. This application hosted multiple different web pages for its clients. These pages needed to scale to meet the needs of each individual client. First, AHEAD designed and deployed an initial enterprise framework. Next, Avenu’s current application was migrated out of VM into Azure Web Apps.  

AHEAD helped Avenu successfully implement and migrate to an Azure Framework and their applications were brought under enterprise governance. The responsibility of managing Avenu’s public cloud was shifted to the IT department, making them the gatekeeper to public cloud services. As a result, Avenu was then able to deploy a cloud framework that would grow their Azure footprint over time.