Custom IT Infrastructure Manufacturing and Logistics

Streamlined systems integration for edge, embedded, and rack-scale deployments

Partner with AHEAD for full-service hardware engineering, manufacturing, and global logistics for the lifecycle of your products

Design Engineering

  • Hardware solutions customized for edge, embedded, and rack mount applications, including partial, full, and multi-rack integration
  • From new product introduction to re-engineering existing products, integrated hardware/software solutions are optimized with cutting-edge components
  • Complex engineering for AI and industrial embedded computers performed in-house for custom parts design, prototyping, and testing
  • Simple to sophisticated custom branding provides the optimal customer out-of-box experience plus ongoing brand recognition

Manufacturing + Supply Chain

  • Forge environment automates hardware inventory validation, diagnostics testing and burn-in, firmware/BIOS application and configurations, imaging, test, and verification, with asset harvesting and test logs pushed into AHEAD Hatch platform
  • Factories designed from the ground up to manage high complexity, high variability manufacturing for consistency at scale
  • Live order tracking and real-time build status is visible across each manufacturing work center in Hatch
  • Strategic industry partnerships meet high standards for supply chain continuity, manufacture country of origin, and chain of custody
  • Flexible proactive stocking programs keep orders flowing during times of supply chain contstraints or disruptions

Global Logistics + Warehousing

  • Customized inventory programs for build to stock and build to forecast located in AHEAD US and EU facilities, with global forward stocking depots
  • In-house global and regulatory certification specialists and hardware support services have successfully supported deployments into 185+ countries
  • Comprehensive warehousing services for third-party consigned goods, order kitting, returns management, reverse logistics, and product relocation
  • Real-time data tracked in AHEAD Hatch includes inventory levels and locations, active certifications, historical and in-transit shipments, and more
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A successful hardware program requires a team approach to collaborate on what’s next. When you choose AHEAD, you work with a dedicated account manager and product engineer who are integral to proactively maintaining your product lifecycles. With an array of specialized engineering services managed in-house, AHEAD carries the load to take the burden off your team.

AHEAD's customizable hardware building block products can significantly compress your engineering timeline compared to custom design. Find out if your application is a good fit for one of our reference architectures.

AHEAD’s hardware building blocks are a series of pre-designed and pre-certified reference architectures that can be customized specifically for your application, including AI-enabled products for data center and edge deployments.

AHEAD AI integrated hardware is compatible with pre-trained machine learning models from NVIDIA, Google, Intel, and more, speeding up application development by up to 80% compared to custom engineered systems.

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Empower your team to work better together with Hatch. Your team can plan, collaborate, and act on data within Hatch to help build a more efficient hardware program.

Gain control over the evolution of products, time software refresh cycles with hardware updates, and make it easier to see component options for products

Supply Chain

Know where every component is manufactured, find out exactly where orders are in progress, and view inventory on hand and where it’s located


See where in the world products have shipped, know where global transit constraints may impact deliveries, and grow into new international markets


Partnering with industry leading manufacturers of rack mount, embedded, edge, AI servers, including industrial and medical-grade edge devices

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