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  • Edge

A modular mobile platform for camera-based applications

  • Touchscreen support
  • Rack-mount inspired frame allows a choice of computing workstations
  • Adaptable with a handle, articulating arm, mountings for touch monitors, HMI and LED displays, and other hardware
  • Available with PoE switching, UPS, intercom, and video configurations
  • 5 port PoE unmanaged switch
  • USB speakerphone with over 20’ range
  • RJ45 rear plug
  • Programmable RGB LED lights with developers kit
  • Electrostatic discharge chain

Get to know Kori:

The future of computer vision mobile platforms

Take your technology exactly where it needs to go with Kori™, a modern mobile AI platform. Designed with compatibility at its core, Kori is configurable with every option you’d want on a mobile platform, and much more. Its sleek modular design houses leading-edge technology, providing the ultimate combination of flexibility, form and function.

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