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Introducing our sleek and durable hardware solution designed for versatile applications across sectors. With its compact and ruggedized design, this device supports the deployment of AI models directly on the unit, enabling real-time object detection, facial recognition, and weapons detection. It excels in high-resolution video analytics, fleet management for route tracking and optimization, and real-time medical imaging analysis. Additionally, it seamlessly connects multiple sensors for data-intensive applications and advanced ML/AI algorithms. Experience the convenience of real-time data synchronization with cloud platforms and robust NativeEdge Support for comprehensive solutions.

  • Compact, ruggedized design
  • Enables deployment and execution of AI models directly on the device
  • Able to connect multiple sensors and streams for on device analytics
  • Offers robust connectivity options for seamless integration with existing infrastructure
  • Real-Time Data Synchronization with Cloud Platforms
  • NativeEdge Support
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