Azure Cloud Migration

With years of experience in building and maintaining data center infrastructure, AHEAD understands the complexity of evacuating this infrastructure in favor of utilizing Public Cloud Services. As a value-adding partner, AHEAD has experience in helping our clients migrate applications to Azure Public Cloud.

Through this process, AHEAD will help your organization identify and understand areas of cost reduction, identify appropriate Azure Services and methodology of migration, as well as ensuring that throughout the process our Clients have a fully developed Public Cloud Operating Model established for the newly developed Azure environment. Utilizing AHEAD, Microsoft, and additional industry best practices, AHEAD assists organizations with migrating applications or entire data centers in a streamlined, secure, and well governed fashion.

Key Services

Workshops & Assessments

Hybrid Cloud Security & Governance

DevOps & Agile Practice Development

Strategy & Roadmap

Application Rationalization & Migration

Enterprise Data Warehouse & Analytics

Azure Architecture & Deployment

Backup & DR

Departing the Data Center

Business challenge: Merrill needed to migrate from a decommissioning data center in time for resources to finish decommissioning other services not to be migrated, all while lowering the total number of services requiring IT support.

Outcome: AHEAD successfully completed the migration by the deadline to enable further decommissioning, and have identified potential improvements to cloud utilization for cost effectiveness.

Workloads: Ubuntu, RHEL, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows 2008, Windows 2012, Windows 2016

Strategy & Planning

Strategy Workshop

The AHEAD team will facilitate a workshop with key stakeholders to develop requirements and articulate and rationalize tools and technologies.

Foundational Assessment

In order to validate information gathered from the Strategy Workshop and build the Strategy deliverable, AHEAD will perform technical discovery of the client’s environment.

Strategy Development

Based on the outcome of the Strategy Workshop and Discovery, AHEAD will work on developing a long term strategy for the Azure environment.

Presentation Workshop

AHEAD will present the strategy developed in the first phase and turn it into an actionable roadmap by forming consensus on the roadmap approach.

Roadmap Development

AHEAD will develop a multi-year roadmap that aligns with the stated objections for the environment in  the workshop.