How We Think

Digital business involves much more than pilots in mobility, artificial intelligence, or IoT. It involves fundamental changes in culture, communications, performance measurement, and how work gets done. Without a foundation in place to enable all of that change, your digital efforts will stall.

AHEAD Digital Delivery Platform

We created the digital delivery platform to propel your transformation forward. It represents the components required for transformation to take hold in your business, and includes a mix of technologies and practices. Consider it a reference architecture to make your own.

The Five Digital Imperatives

A platform for digital business is comprised of five pillars – we call them imperatives because they’re “must have” not “nice to have.”

Relentless Automation

If you can’t automate it, ask yourself why? Always automate where it makes sense for the business, which in most cases are those hi-frequency, mundane tasks that pull resources away from more impactful work.

Intelligent Operations

Digital requires a whole new level of insights and controls. AIOps may be the ultimate end goal, but there’s a lot of progress to be made today in stitching together monitoring with log analytics, connected to event management and workflow.

Scaled DevOps

A digital business demands better software, faster – but now done at enterprise scale. And where ‘better’ includes more secure software as well.

Integrated Security

Security should be included in every conversation and project – not as roadblocks, but as guardrails that safely allow the business to move faster.

Enterprise Cloud

The IT industry is filled with competing terms – public cloud, private cloud, multi cloud, hybrid cloud, and on. But in reality, there’s only your cloud – your enterprise cloud. And for the foreseeable future, that enterprise cloud must be a mixture of on-premises and off-premises tailored to your business.